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20.07.2018 Video Marketing
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

So, you’ve got all the right promotional material for your products and services. What’s next? What’s another effective way to draw in more clients through video content? ‘Meet the Team’ videos are the answer to that very question. 

‘Meet the Team’ videos are great windows into your organization and help your audience get to know your brand better. Video can bring your organization to life in a tangible and engaging way. This has many benefits ranging from building trust to recruiting the right candidates. Your ‘Meet the Team’ video must match your organization’s brand values and unique culture. Producing a ‘Meet the Team’ film is also a great way of engaging your team in a fun activity. Your clients want to see the passionate people behind the products they love to buy. Putting your employees in the spotlight will further humanise your brand and relate more to your customers. Promoting a happy and healthy work environment will make your company more trustworthy, not just as a business to invest in, but also as a business to grow and learn from. 

Here are some great ‘Meet the Team video examples that do just that:

Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital by Kartoffel Films

Made up of bloopers, this ‘Meet the Team’ example shows how much their employees love what they do. This video allows each employee to be themselves and gives an authentic glimpse into what the hospital is like. When employees are happy in the workplace, viewers are motivated to support that organization and potentially work there themselves. A happy workplace is the key to success.

Although the use of bloopers might seem counterproductive, this is when your colleagues are at their most natural and relaxed versions of themselves. This video shows that it’s not always important to list several impressive facts to recruit new talent. Statistics detailing your expertise might have the power to persuade recruits, but positive employees portray a much more welcoming workplace. Therefore, potential candidates can worry less about the company culture the hospital perpetuates.  

Benenden Private Hospital by Kartoffel Films

As a part of a suite of content, Benenden Private Hospital asked us to produce a ‘Meet the Team’ film. Similarly to Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital, bloopers are included to emphasise a more genuine and human approach. This video, however, also covers lots of information about the premises and showcases the facilities, whilst the interviewees talk about the many benefits of the hospital’s recent renovation. The interviewees consist of many different types of staff, from nurses and doctors to the management team and housekeepers. As this ‘Meet the Team’ video is specifically for recruitment purposes, it’s important to encompass a diverse range of professions potential candidates can see themselves performing. 

Focusing on the interviewees’ favourite dishes offered at the hospital restaurant adds a more personal touch to the hospital because these answers reveal more about the staff’s character. These clips also detail the sheer variety of different foods available, showing the array of diets and cravings the restaurant caters for. 

Roche Partnerships

The purpose of this ‘Meet the Team’ video is to inform the audience about how Roche Partnerships works. Starting off the video with the interviewees describing the company in three words makes the beginning punchy. This helps the interviewees to think about the services their company provides and generates excitement and enthusiasm amongst them. 

Unlike other ‘Meet the Team’ videos, this one doesn’t promote workplace facilities or company culture. Instead, the main purpose behind this video is to showcase the work Roche Partnerships does in solving big challenges facing the healthcare industry. From working with the NHS to impacting government decisions, all of the interviewees effectively communicate their passion for improving patient care, outcomes and system effectiveness. Throughout the whole video, the team’s drive for making a difference in improving NHS efficiency is constantly prevalent and highlights how serious and dedicated they are in enhancing UK healthcare. This video also shines a light on the company’s collaboration with third-party organizations, emphasising their commitment to benefit patients.  


This ‘Meet the Team’ video only features one member of staff. Wendy Wilkinson, an occupational therapist, clearly talks about her role within Macmillan and where people can look for support. Seeing Wendy provide rehabilitation services to patients in a swimming pool shows the different types of care Macmillan offers for both patients and carers. The emphasis on her working as part of a wider Macmillan team indicates that there is always a staff member available to support cancer patients, regardless of the type of rehabilitation they require. She also talks about setting future goals for her patients to achieve. This suggests that rehabilitation has the potential to give them a purpose in a world they feel alienated from. 

Although this ‘Meet the Team’ video is very short, sometimes just a brief explanation accompanied by visual references is sufficient in introducing a team member to a wider audience. Cancer patients are often inundated with information regarding their illness, so a precise and factual video is a welcome change to the hoards of questions and answers they may have about their care.   

Carers UK

Becoming a carer can often be a very isolating experience. Our ‘Meet the Team’ video for Carers UK provides all of the necessary information for those interested in participating in the charity’s volunteer programmes. By introducing the audience to senior members of staff, viewers have a clearer understanding of how the charity operates and how people can get involved. From the very beginning, viewers are informed about the variety of roles available for volunteers, what to expect when they first start, and the resources available to them. These senior members of staff effectively present a warm and welcoming environment, dedicated to improving carers’ lives. 

Paid employees, however, are not the only team members introduced to viewers. Using stories from volunteers themselves gives viewers an idea of how far and wide the charity reaches. Information about their accomplishments, the difference they’ve made, and their personal development are all important aspects to include in a charity’s ‘Meet the Team’ video. 

Southbank International School

A recruitment film for an educational establishment has to gather all members of the school community for a ‘Meet the Team’ video. Using both teachers and pupils gives potential candidates an idea of the school’s values and helps them envision themselves at the school. A small number of teachers doesn’t overwhelm viewers with testimonials and ensures that no points are repeated. They talk about the creative and innovative ways they teach children, emphasising a sense of freedom in teaching and learning. As this is one of the stark differences in Southbank’s approach to education, it’s important this is highlighted. Everyone has a unique perspective on the school, positively reflecting the school’s principles. 

The pupils are articulate and earnest in their responses, highlighting the effectiveness of Southbank’s teaching methods and curriculum. They enjoy everything about the school, from the support they receive from teachers to the global community surrounding them. This indicates the welcoming and tolerant atmosphere, building an inclusive and collaborative environment. 

I Can

Working with special needs children is rewarding work, as the staff members in I Can’s ‘Meet the Team’ video prove. The viewer sees speech therapists, teachers and other experts in developing SEN children’s communication skills in action. Therefore, they gain an insight into the valuable work they do, in developing their communication and learning methods. As the purpose behind this video is recruitment, one teacher highlights her transition from mainstream schooling to teaching SEN children. This is crucial in convincing more like-minded teachers to contribute to I Can’s work and support more special needs children. 

There is also room for all employees at I Can to grow. Depending on the role, they can develop their teaching practices to accommodate a diverse range of needs, understand a wide range of therapy approaches, and see opportunities for their progression within the charity. Recruiting new staff means showcasing the range of possibilities open to employees. 


Everyone is familiar with the famous Google doodles. Celebrating a diverse range of holidays, anniversaries, and important people throughout history, this feature is unique to Google and shines a light on any topic. From Earth Day to the 117th birthday of Martha Graham, these drawings and animations have been fascinating users since 2008. 

This ‘Meet the Team’ video showcases both the employees (the doodlers) and the work they do (the doodles). By coupling the team with the work they produce, the audience can truly see the team’s passion. Talking about their childhood hobby eventually becoming a lucrative career at a major company demonstrates the power of creativity. By using their imagination and creative skills, the doodlers can engage hundreds of millions of people worldwide. This is a fun way of teaching audiences more about Google, particularly about the history of Google doodles. Viewers also learn how Google uses this team’s work to reach out and inspire children. There’s no end to what Google doodlers will create next. 

Charity: Water

This company video example not only introduces the employees behind their tech team, but it gives you an understanding of what they do. This transparency helps the audience connect to the team and also to the work they do and why it is important. The beginning features a variety of employees talking about their admiration and gratitude for the work the tech team accomplishes, as this makes their working lives easier. This emphasises a positive company culture and shows how collaborative and appreciative different departments are of each other’s work. Each person in this video is unscripted and genuine. They were allowed to be themselves on film, which makes the meet our team example film feel authentic and honest.


Dropbox’s ‘Meet the Team’ video does something drastically different; puppets impersonate actual employees. This is a very creative, lighthearted and unique approach towards corporate recruitment films. Whilst many such videos resort to interviews with employees, Dropbox’s testimonials automatically highlight the company culture. Everyone recognises similar characters from The Muppets, so the working environment comes across as friendly, personable and relatable. This immediately evokes a positive reaction from viewers and naturally paves the way for more humour. As a result, the viewer sees what a fun and exciting workplace Dropbox is and how much the employees enjoy working there. 

Final Thoughts

‘Meet the Team’ videos are an excellent way to convey your company culture, whether you’re searching for new talent or want to show the people behind your products. Emphasising a positive and passionate workplace will draw in all the right attention, from both potential candidates and customers. After all, who can express admiration for their work better than your employees?  

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