Charity Animation Video Examples

24.02.2016 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

A charity animation video allows you to tell a compelling story, within an entirely customisable world. This makes animation a great tool to engage and inform your audiences. Animation provides excitement and understanding to difficult or tedious subject matters. This allows you to deliver your message in the most effective and impactful way possible.

Here are some great charity animation video examples:

Pension Credit – Age UK

How you deliver a message to your audiences can be just as important as the message itself. If your message is not exciting or engaging on its own, its up to you to find how to best deliver that message. This is what was done in the film below. Focused on the subject of Pension Credit, the film easily could have lost audiences within the first few seconds. However through using a compelling story, we created an emotional connection and context to applying for a pension credit. By breaking the value of Pension Credit into digestible and relatable parts, the significant impact they can have on a person is well illustrated.

The Clock is Ticking – The Girl Effect

When you have tons of information, animation can be a great tool to bring those facts and figures to life. This is exemplified in the film below. Telling the story of the hardships girls face around the world, this animation brings that story to life and engages the audience. When dynamically displayed like this, a viewer can easily visualise how their support could make a difference. Moreover through telling such a compelling story, the audience becomes emotionally invested and connected to the charity.

Because We’re All Connected – The WWF

With animation the only limits are your imagination. The budgetary restrictions that apply to live action, do not apply to animation. This gives you great freedom to show whatever you need to in order to deliver your message. You could even show the entire world! And that is exactly what The WWF does in the following charity animation video. Within this single video, the WWF is able to illustrate how everything in the world is connected.


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