Co Creation Video Examples

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Co-creation can be an effective way to gain insight into your audience, and involve them in your brand story. Through empowering your audience to become active participants, you give them a voice and create a powerful two way conversation. This yields a stronger relationship with them. One method to involve your audience in your message is through a crowdsourcing video. Here are some great co creation video examples of brands working with their audiences:

Oxfam – In my place

Oxfam wanted to raise awareness about the devastating issue of land grabs. In a partnership with Coldplay, Oxfam was able to create a unique opportunity for supporters to get involved in this message. This campaign had over 7000 entries, and created an opportunity for people to creatively engage with a serious issue.

Waitrose – Donate your voice

A few years ago, Waitrose asked the public to create the soundtrack for their Christmas TV commercial. They invited their audience to record themselves singing which would then be brought together with other voices to create a digital choir. This co creation was used to produce a charity christmas single, with the proceeds going to three charities. Waitrose was able to co create a completely unique soundtrack and also raise money for a good cause.

Airbnb – Hollywood & Vines

Airbnb turned to its audience and asked them to help create a video made entirely from vines. The brand started the project with a storyboard, then invited their audience to do the rest. This co creation is a great example of collaboration between brand and audience.