Commercial Videography: 8 Creative Ideas for Your Next Brand Video

03.09.2019 Video Marketing
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

With a recent study showing that 54% of consumers are keen to see more video content from their favourite brands and businesses, marketers everywhere have taken note. 87% of marketers are now using video as a marketing tool. There’s one issue though: with the sea of entertaining and branded video content out there,  how do you make sure that your promotional videos stand out? 

commercial videography


Easier said than done, we know.  But as commercial videography is our area of expertise, you’re in the right place. Here are 8 promotional video ideas to help your brand cut through the noise: 

1. Video Testimonials

Also known as ‘trustimonials’, a well-produced video testimonial can be a powerful way to build trust with your target audience. Share a happy customer or client’s experience with your product or service, simply by filming them talking about how it has helped them. 

The key here is to ensure the authenticity of the message comes across –– sceptical audiences will be able to spot a fake testimonial a mile away.  Tread carefully with this one; a testimonial that doesn’t come across as truly genuine could have the opposite effect. 

2. Case Studies

At Kartoffel Films, one of our favourite promotional video ideas is a simple case study. Now, this can be a lot more engaging than it sounds! With a case study video, you share a customer’s experience with your business. But here’s where it differs from a video testimonial- it’s shared in a much more in-depth way. The video will cover the customer’s issue or need, what drove them to your business, and how you helped them. 

A well-produced case study can be hugely impactful if done right, as it shows a clear example of your business providing a solution. It doesn’t need to be dry and factual either. Video testimonials and case studies can be as light-hearted as you’d like them to be (if it makes sense for your brand’s tone and you find a customer with natural on-screen charisma).

3. Animated Explainers 

Is your product or service one that requires a bit of, well, explaining? A concise animated explainer video could be just what you need. This video will include some simple explanation of what your product or service is, and how to use it. It shouldn’t be overly long or complicated, it just needs to explain your business proposition in a memorable way. 

It’s possible to create a cool and quirky explainer video using animation, in a style that works well for your brand. Take a look at our animation showreel to see what we could do for you. 

4. Product Tutorials/Demos 

According to ComScore, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it, so a product-focussed video is essential when you’re thinking of promotional video ideas. Now, these can be as creative as you choose, but one of the core videos for a product launch should showcase how to use them. This will help build trust as your audience will see your product’s benefits in action. 

product tutorials


The exact format of your video depends greatly on the product or service in question.  Discuss the brief with your video production team for a custom solution that’s right for your brand. 

5. Company Culture Videos

Looking for internal corporate video ideas? 

Company culture videos are often used to show off your brand internally and to attract new talent. These videos offer viewers a glimpse of the workspace and work culture at your business. They often feature little snippets of your employees talking about what about working there. 

Keep these on the light-hearted side and make sure that the true essence of your company shines through. Remember, these could be watched by both potential new recruits and potential customers, so make sure they reflect your brand personality. 

6. Documentary-Style Videos

That’s documentary-style, not documentary length! A promotional video that connects with viewers on a deeper level is likely to stay in their minds for longer. Creating a video that triggers an emotional reaction can be tough, but a short documentary style is known to be more effective for this purpose.  Short docs could cover true stories from your customers, filmed authentically with an intent to inspire. 

This type of commercial videography is best for businesses that are looking to increase brand awareness rather than promoting a specific product.  Steer clear of any salesy vibes and keep the focus on your customers instead of your product. 

7. Origin Stories 

Another great promotional video idea if you’re looking to increase brand awareness is to go back to your roots. Use video to tell a story about your business and your product and how it came to be. Style-wise, this could be produced in a similar manner to a short documentary, or it could even be completely animated. 

origin stories


Audiences should get a clear idea of how your company was founded and what it stands for, with your founder as the main character. This can hold a permanent position on your website’s ‘About Us’ section and be used at company events and even on social media (with shorter edits).

8. FAQ Videos 

Spruce up the Frequently Asked Questions section on your website. Turn it into an opportunity to promote your brand by getting an entertaining FAQ video series produced. Instead of featuring masses of text, these videos will answer all FAQs in a more engaging way. They could feature either an employee or an actor, answering some of the most common questions about your product or service. 

These videos will help build trust and rapport with customers, and ultimately a better understanding of your product. 


Looking for more promotional video ideas? We’d be more than happy to help. Reach out to us with your content goals and we’ll come back with a list of ideas that are tailored for your business and specific objectives.

At Kartoffel Films, our local animation company in London, we’ve worked on over 1000 video productions across a range of sectors. Take a look at our showreel for some examples of our commercial videography. We pride ourselves on our ability to create engaging and compelling content for a diverse set of audiences. Get in touch to find out how we can help you with your production needs. 

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