Crowdsourcing video for your charity

09.06.2016 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Involving your audience in your charity’s story is one of the most effective ways to engage them. And this can be done in many different ways, but an increasingly effective way is through co creation and crowdsourcing. This involves building your message with your audience, and allowing them to have a voice. This collaboration involves your audience in your charity, and creates a two way conversation. One great medium you can use is a crowdsourcing video.

Charities in particular can benefit from co creation, as charity supporters tend to already be quite invested in the cause. Co creation can increase a charity’s relevance and its power to engage.

Benefits of Co Creation

The charity sector, more than any other sector, has genuine emotional stories to share. These come from beneficiaries and supporters; so engaging them in co creation will give your charity further access to emotional and engaging stories. Moreover these emotional stories create invested supporters.

Your audience is already invested, and want to get involved. Co-creation video gives them an easily accessible outlet to do so. By building a message with your audience, you learn what your charity’s brand means to your audience and how they see you. This is a valuable insight. Additionally you ensure emotional engagement with your audience through co creation.

Co creation videos can drive awareness and engagement for your cause. By involving your audience they are more likely to share your message and help it reach a wider audience. Millennials especially respond to co-creation, they like to be involved and be a part of the process. By empowering and encouraging your audience to become a co-creator, you give them some ownership over the brand and they will want to invest further.

Crowdsourcing video

Crowdsourcing video content gives your supporters a platform to share their voice. Rather than selling a certain message, co creating a video with your audience allows you to build a message together. This opens up the conversation with your audience rather than having your charity’s voice monopolise the conversation. Involving the audience in this process can create a strong and effective video.

However this does not mean that you need to hand over the entire creative control for your video. This is not a decision by committee, you do not have to include every contribution. Rather this is your opportunity to glimpse into how your audience sees your charity. You get to choose which video contributions coincide with your brand’s message and create a powerful video. By co-producing your video with your audience, you create a shared mission with your audience. This journey connects you to your audience and further involves them with your charity and your cause.

By shifting the focus from a target audience to participants and co-creators, you break down the barriers between your charity and your supporters. You create a shared mission, and an ‘us’ where everyone gets a voice. This will create a message that resonates with your audience and has real meaning for them. Through encouraging people to become active participants and giving them a voice, you can create a new foundation for your relationship with them. One that will last longer and be more rewarding for the both of you.

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