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15.02.2016 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director


Recruitment videos are not merely about attracting candidates, when it comes to education recruitment videos it’s about convincing prospective students that your school is not just the right choice but the best choice. You need to convince students that your school is the path to the future, their new community and a worthwhile investment. It can be a daunting task.

This is where video can help. With video being 12 times more likely to be viewed than text is to be read, video is an effective medium to reach and connect with prospective students. Moreover the targeted audiences of education recruitment videos are audiences who respond well to video. They tend to have short attention spans and are used to receiving the majority of their information digitally.

Recruitment guide

Making effective recruitment videos that fulfils your major objectives can be a challenge. Here is our own recruitment guide that should help

1) Keep it short

Attention spans are only getting shorter, so to make the most effective video you can you have to be efficient and succinct. The purpose of your video is to recruit and engage students, not give them all the details of the courses or a complete tour of campus. Make sure you are choosing to feature only the most vital points so that your video is between 1-3 minutes. Our experience in video has taught us that this the most effective videos are no longer than this.

2) Be genuine

While it is important to show all your strengths, make sure that you are not claiming to be anything that you’re not. You want students to be happy at your school, not disappointed. So represent who your school and your community is in your film. This is your unique selling point that will attract the right kind of students who will excel with you. Moreover people can sense insincerity, and this would only count against your institution. By sharing a genuine representation of your institution, you give the audience the chance to connect with that and begin to imagine themselves there.

3) Be focused

You cannot accomplish everything in a single video, so do not expect to. The most effective and successful videos are specifically targeted ones. This means focusing on an audience and having a clear objective to the film. Think about what it is your audience would need to know to choose your university? What would interest them? Once you’ve thought of the answers to these question you’ll have more of an idea of what is relevant to include.

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