Examples of Animation Storytelling Films

13.07.2016 Animation
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

When you use storytelling in your animation film, you create engaging and impactful content. Animation can be a great tool to tell stories that are difficult or sensitive to share. It can also provide anonymity for anyone who might not otherwise be able to share their story. The following are examples of animation storytelling films that are powerful and engaging.


This film showcases the story of a beneficiary whilst maintaining her anonymity. Protecting her identity, allows this woman to be truthful about a hard issue in her past that has had lasting impacts. Portraying her story in a thoughtful and powerful way, this film engages with the audience and connects Sarah’s Story to the charity’s greater work.



Estelle’s story shares one woman’s horrific experience with war and conflict. Rather than taking a literal approach, this animation focus on the sentiment and feelings behind her story. This creates context for the audience to relate and engage with her story.

Invisible to You

Giving a voice to untold stories, this animation film tells the traumatic childhood experience of a woman. This animation embodies her words and feelings instead of simply depicting the series of events. Through illustrating one person’s experiences and struggles, the audience is better able to understand and connect to the issue.

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