Examples of Virtual Reality

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Virtual reality has created a new way to engage audiences that allows you to build something that changes how people interact with their world. The possibilities are endless as is the potential of this technology. However just like all marketing tools, virtual reality should be used strategically. Here are some great examples of virtual reality that show how this technology’s potential can be harnessed.

#JingleEffect – TGI Fridays

Taking an ordinary experience and making it extraordinary is the exact idea behind virtual reality. And it is this idea that TGI Fridays harnessed in this film.They began by taking an ordinary experience, eating out at a restaurant, and created the opportunity to turn it into something more. Using an experience that many wish for around the holiday season, snow and dog-sledding, they were able to engage audiences and create a create a magical moment for their customers.

Virtual Hike – Merrell

With the launch of a new hiking shoe, Merrell wanted to create a dynamic way to engage with their key audiences. Taking things one step further, Merrell coupled a virtual reality experience with a walk-around allowing the person to fully commit to the experience. Not only was this a way for users to see the value of their footwear, but they were able to enrich their product with an adventure experience. Using virtual reality allowed Merrell to challenge their audience and engage them in their brand identity.

Dior Eyes – Dior

Virtual reality is an effective way to involve an audience in an experience or event that they would not normally have access to. And this is the exact opportunity that Dior created for its customers with this film. This virtual reality experience took viewers from a shop floor to the backstage and front row of a Dior fashion show. Through giving customers access to this exclusive event, Dior was able to connect and engage with customers in a way that wasn’t possible before.