Facebook Video Examples

11.03.2016 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

With Facebook videos it is key to keep in mind how viewers are exposed to them. Facebook videos typically appear in users’ feeds and the videos autoplay without sound. To optimise your video ensure that the first 3 seconds of your video are eye-catching, engaging and can communicate without sound. As Facebook users scroll through their feeds, the video will autoplay only as they scroll past it. This gives you a short window to capture their attention.

Check out these Facebook video examples for inspiration:

Be a Volunteer – VSO

Through dynamic and quick cutaways the visuals of this film maintain interest and engagement without sound. While sound does enrich this film, it is able to still communicate its key messages and engage audiences without it. This is vital as it allows people to be involved and engaged with the film immediately, hopefully inspiring them to turn the sound on.

Adventures in what came first – Marks & Spencer’s

Created to showcase their Easter line, this film engages with fun and exciting visuals. The simple opening text frame sets the stage what follows. Allowing viewers to be intrigued to see what follows. The short nature of this film also helps its effectiveness on Facebook. Viewers scrolling through their feed would only need to pause for a few moments to receive the full message of this ad.


Eat the Trend: Milk & Cookie Shots – Popsugar

With viewers in mind, this film starts on a image that instantly draws people in. This eye-catching shot helps to engage people to interact further with the video. Employing this strategy has helped Popsugar cultivate a following that sees most of their Facebook videos surpass 100,000 views.


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