Farewell Simon

15.11.2019 Kartoffel Stuff
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

London Video Agency

After a great 3.5 years run Simon, Senior Film Maker is moving to the BBC.  It’s been a lovely and fun and awesome ride. 

Points of note include Directing a Harry Redknapp Commercial which has gone onto multiple awards.

Multi multi stop international shoots across the states and elsewhere, proper globe trotting.

A prodigious amount of pretty snappy content produced. 

Being endlessly in good form. 

And an incredible amount of hero shots.  So we felt he needed one here.

The team will be poorer for his loss but richer from him being with us and we will miss his singing.  Immensely proud of what he’s done here and now going onto to do. So it’s a goodin.

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