Fashion Video – London Fashion Week Backstage

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

We’ve all seen catwalk shots, but ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes?

Well, stop wondering and start watching the fashion video we’ve just made – all shall be revealed. We were given exclusive backstage access to Fashion Fringe 2012 winner Haizhen Wang’s show at London Fashion Week.

The chaos, the models, the tantrums…yes, we’ve got it all on camera. Join us for a fascinating glimpse backstage and find out how the hell the make up artists manage to get 14 girls ready in just over an hour (that’s how long it takes us each in the bathroom on a good day, and with much worse results!), what a catwalk choreographer does and just why sleeping is as good as impossible during Fashion Week.

We hear from the designer himself, from jewellery designer Maria Piana, choreographer Andy Turner, models and makeup artists.

An incredible amount of work goes into planning and preparing the show, with many more people than you’d ever imagine contributing to it, all culminating in a visual spectacle that’s over in a few minutes.

A bit like video production actually, now that we think about it…

PS there weren’t really any tantrums, everyone was way too busy.

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