Filming Corporate Video Safely during COVID 19

15.06.2020 Video Marketing
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

After many months of the country and the world adapting to a new normal – personally and professionally, following the pandemic, it’s now become clear that the video production industry faces major changes going forward. 

Building a new normal  

With face-to-face contact always having been an inevitable part of filming live-action content, many video production companies and agencies alike are developing new workflows and practices that will allow for the continuation of quality content creation whilst mitigating the risk that COVID-19 still poses.

Our 10 point H&S plan 

At Kartoffel Films, it is and has always been, our utmost priority to protect the health and safety of everyone we work with, whether that be client, talent and crew. So, like many other businesses in the wake of this new normal, we have researched and developed a set of guidelines that are aligned with government regulations, so that we can best ensure the safety of all who are working with us.

Below is our 10 point plan for approaching live-action film shoots. However, each brief will be assessed on a case by case basis and a bespoke health and safety plan will be put together for each project.   

The number of people on set will be limited

It is widely assumed that video shoots involve a lot of people, but we are actually able to produce amazing content with crews as small as one or two people. So going forward, only those whose attendance is absolutely necessary will be attending the shoot. We work with many talented shooting-directors that will be able to execute a video shoot effectively, so in some instances, shoots will only consist of one crew member and one contributor.

safe video production

We also maintain how important it is for our clients to be present during any shooting, so we will ensure that clients are able to dial-in to the shoot virtually to oversee their content during the filming process.

All filming locations will have parking facilities

With thousands of passengers every day, public transport is currently considered a high-risk way to travel and we are advised to avoid it as much as possible. So we will ensure that any location we film at has suitable parking facilities in order to allow those attending our shoots to avoid public transportation.

Hand sanitiser will be available at all times

We will ensure that hand sanitiser is available and easily accessible on set for everyone attending one of our shoots.

All kit will be thoroughly sanitised prior to every shoot

Wiping down and sanitising kit and external cases before every shoot will become part of our shoot preparation process.

Social distancing will be floor-marked on every shoot

Social distancing measures will be marked out on the floor prior to the commencement of the shoot and will remain in practice for the duration.

PPE will be worn where possible

All crew and talent will be required to wear PPE (gloves and face mask) for the duration of the shoot. The only instance where this could be temporarily removed is by the talent or contributors, in cases where they will need to appear on camera. All other attendees are to wear PPE at all times.

Meals are to be eaten away from set

Everyone attending a shoot will be required to bring their own food and drink and will need to be consumed off site. 

All attendees will have to confirm that they are COVID symptom-free for 14 days

All attendees must be able to confirm that they have not exhibited any COVID-19 symptoms in the last fourteen days. They must also confirm that no-one they’ve been in contact with has exhibited any symptoms either. This could be, but not necessarily limited to; a new persistent cough, a temperature, or anosmia (loss of smell or taste).

producing video safely

Temperature checks will be mandatory 

Everyone attending a shoot will have their temperature checked on arrival.

Regular briefings

All those attending one of our shoots will be thoroughly briefed on these guidelines in advance of any shoot. Any non-compliance will result in their immediate removal from set.


By implementing these safe video production guidelines into our live-action filming risk-assessments, we are able to minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19 whilst still being able to create some amazing, original content! 

So if you do have a live-action content brief but aren’t sure how to execute the approach in a safe way, get in touch and we can help you put together a shooting plan that will ensure both the safety of all clients, crew and talent and the quality of your project!

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