Great Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Film Examples

02.11.2021 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

One of the best ways of drawing in more consumers is to show a human side. People want to see the positive impact of investing in your business and see if your values match theirs. Be it a pledge, charity work, or simply to raise awareness of a specific cause close to your heart, consumers want to know whose pockets their pennies are lining.

This is where corporate social responsibility (CSR) films come into play. These films don’t promote a product or service, but rather your company’s solution to a social issue. This can be anything from developing sustainable production methods or starting up a scheme to end food poverty. Linking your brand to a global solution proves that the people behind your company are striving towards a better world.

With CSR films it is vital to be genuine. You need to ensure first and foremost that your CSR efforts are true to your values so that the story you tell is authentic to your brand voice. This will create a credible and effective movie about corporate social responsibility.

Types of CSR Movies

There are many variations of CSR films, from a broad overarching CSR film to CSR examples that focus on a specific story. It’s up to you to determine what format would be most effective for your social corporate responsibility. Regardless of the story your film tells, all social corporate responsibility examples need to share the authentic impact your CSR efforts have on people and their respective communities.

Films and social responsibility often go hand in hand. Here are a few CSR film examples for inspiration:

Easy Choice to Make – Kartoffel Films

We believe in making a positive impact, and for us, corporate social responsibility is an easy choice to make. In this film, we wanted to share with the audience how simple choices that we all make can add up to make a real difference. Here at Kartoffel Films, we are doing our part to make a better world. This means that we choose to make the most positive impact that we can at every step of the video production process. By placing our CSR efforts in a greater context, we hope to inspire audiences to not just see us as a company who cares, but to see the potential difference that they too can make.


College Achievement Plan – Starbucks

This beautifully shot film showcases how Starbucks strives to make a positive difference to all those they come into contact with. And this includes their employees. Being socially responsible starts at home, which means that you need to make a positive impact on those you work with. Through their CSR efforts, Starbucks can positively impact the futures of its employees and help them achieve their dreams.

One for One – TOMS

Toms is a company that has CSR at the very core of its company. This corporate social responsibility example connects how the viewer can work with TOMS to make a positive impact on children around the world. For each shoe the viewer buys, a pair is donated to a child in need. This illustrates the role that the consumer has in this organization’s CSR efforts, and how through working together it is possible to make a difference.

Bee Alive – The Rotary Club

A company must feel a natural connection to the specific cause they are shining a light on. Making half-hearted and vague promises will fall flat with your viewers, who are expecting something inspiring and emotive. The Rotary Club works with marginalised and impoverished communities all over the world, from fighting disease to supporting education. They’re also working on various environmental issues. In Germany, part of their environmental work is rejuvenating the bee population through their campaign, Bee Alive. Our video shows how Rotary Club volunteers in Germany build so-called bee hotels to provide accommodation and nutrition for bees. This is in response to growing urbanisation rapidly destroying their natural habitat. The goal is to share this message with local communities and raise awareness of this project all over Germany. By showing the fundamentals of building these constructions, viewers clearly see how The Rotary Club is addressing this environmental concern.

Food Labels Made Easy – Tommy’s

It’s true that CSR films benefit from delivering an emotional impact. However, an educational component also plays a big part in resonating with viewers. Our Food Labels Made Easy video for Tommy’s teaches expectant mothers about buying the right food for themselves and their babies. A simple and instructive voiceover guides viewers through a supermarket as we see an expectant mother picking up different products. By using animation to highlight certain words and symbols on food packaging, viewers know exactly what to look out for. As a result, pregnant women can make better and more informed choices about their diet. Therefore, this informational video alleviates some of the pressures of pregnancy and guides expectant mothers in the right direction.

Recruitment Advertising – PRA Health

A CSR film isn’t just about philanthropic efforts and giving back to both local and global communities. Encouraging a good working culture is an excellent way to promote a positive image of your business. Employees aren’t just interested in the type of work your company offers; they also need assurance that the company nurtures its workers. Certain businesses have on-site health and recreational amenities, and some have even branched out to incorporate childcare facilities. Acknowledging that employees are people and accommodating conditions to their needs gives a more human touch to a company’s workplace. After all, employees are at the heart of your company – without them, your company would cease to exist.

Our Recruitment Advertising video for PRA Health tells Alex’s story of living with cystic fibrosis. He talks about the vital role he plays in clinical development at PRA Health. As a result, his health condition has automatically reaped the benefits from his work. Alex’s experience adds a sentimental edge to this recruitment video and conveys a compassionate side to PRA Health. Therefore, viewers see how PRA Health employees are involved in improving patients’ welfare and how their important research contributes to healthier wellbeing. Alex’s story also gives a more inspirational touch to recruiting new talent. As a result, viewers see the invaluable work of such an organization, feeling more optimistic about the future of healthcare.

5 Tips on Making an Effective CSR Film

1. Be authentic

Authenticity is key to the core of a successful CSR film. Your clients want to see your passion for the cause you’re supporting, so a half-hearted approach will fall flat. Being honest about your endeavours will show that you are taking matters seriously, encouraging viewers to connect with your brand. This will motivate viewers to invest in your brand, as they know where their money is going. Your efforts need to be genuine, convincing customers that a specific cause or charity is close to your heart and why they should be a part of the journey.

Be Authentic
Be Authentic

2. Represent Your Values

Whether it’s saving the whales or campaigning against breast cancer, lots of companies have an established link with a particular charity. Make sure the cause you choose to support is representative of your brand values and ethos. Have a thorough look at what you promote and stand for so that the connection between your brand and chosen cause makes sense. For example, a restaurant chain might consider giving away food to a homeless shelter. A sports company might follow suit and donate gym equipment to impoverished schools. Be consistent in your branding, otherwise, this can be detrimental to your reputation, rather than boost it.

3. Think About Timing

It pays to thoroughly think through the purpose behind your CSR film. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a CSR is solely there to enhance your marketing goals. Remembering that your chosen cause comes first and foremost in your CSR film will show viewers that you are dedicated to solving this issue. This type of video isn’t directly about promoting your brand, but this specific cause or charity. Rushing into making a CSR film because other brands are doing the same won’t deliver the results you want. Shining a light on a global issue will increase trust and transparency, so it’s important to start off on the right foot.

Think About Timing
Think About Timing

4. Be Emotive and Educational

How do you want your viewers to feel during and after watching your CSR film? CSR films are about generating empathy to increase awareness and donations to a cause or charity. This means telling a compelling story that also teaches the viewer about a social issue. Striking the right tone will persuade your target audience that you are taking serious action and motivate them to do the same. Regardless of how solemn the issue at hand is, a CSR needs to have an optimistic and inspiring message. In a world overwhelmed by seemingly unsolvable problems, a CSR film needs to make viewers feel that they have the power to drive social change.

5. Include a Call to Action

After engaging and inspiring your target audience, they need to know what to do next. Be it signing a petition, doing some fundraising, or simply spreading the word on social media, an effective CSR film gives viewers direction in how they can help your chosen cause. This will increase the chance of your CSR film being shared and new clients automatically associating your brand with your philanthropic efforts. This will also show consumers that you are consistent in supporting this organization, proving that your efforts aren’t disingenuous. 

Include a Call To Action
Include a Call To Action


As more customers develop a growing interest in their favourite companies’ core values, CSR films can help boost a positive reputation. Actively showing your business’ stance on certain social and environmental issues improves customer engagement and helps raise awareness for a concern close to your heart. This doesn’t mean customers will see your CSR video as political. Consumers want to know exactly what their money is funding, therefore providing clarity on philanthropic efforts will strengthen your relationship with customers and your community. Choosing one cause or charity to support will help you focus specifically on one type of CSR video and won’t confuse your customers. Brands have significant power in swaying public opinion on certain issues, so exhibiting a progressive outlook will attract more consumers be a part of the change you want to see.

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