Great Education Recruitment Video Examples

17.02.2016 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

There is no exact formula for making a great recruitment video. However there is one common feature that most of the best recruitment videos share in common, and that is representing the unique community of that institution. Each school is different and this should be represented in your education recruitment video.

Get inspired by some of these great education recruitment videos:

International Student Recruitment – Middlesex University

When you’re recruiting international students, you really need to highlight the community support that will exist for them on your campus. These students aren’t just moving away from home, they’re moving away from all that they know. This is what makes the video below so great, it shows students not only the great academics, but also the great community waiting for them at Middlesex University.


University Admission Video – DePaul University

By using dynamic visual cutaways and engaging questions, this film is able to capture your attention and share the great opportunities that exist for you at DePaul University. The film tries to connect with students for who they are and who they want to be.

Discover King’s – King’s College London

Taking a different approach, King’s College London made a film that can operate without sound. This is increasingly important with how videos are being treated on social media, such as Facebook. This film shares the resources and opportunities at King’s College London while setting the school in the greater context of London all through visually rich cutaways.

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