Great Example Recruitment Videos

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Recruitment videos can be a great way to connect and engage with new talent. With video you don’t just tell applicants what it’s like to work at your company but you show them. This gives applicants the chance to interview your company before they apply. They can evaluate whether they would be a good fit or not before you know that they exist. Recruitment videos yield well-informed candidates, who are motivated to become a part of your team. So make sure that your recruitment video represents your company and your unique culture.

Here are some great example recruitment videos:


This recruitment film embodies who Shopify is as a company, and shares what kind of people they want working for them. Through this film, Shopify showcases how they value and invest in their employees. Featuring different departments and many staff members, you really get a sense of the company and their employees in this film.


In this recruitment video, Apple uses current employees to inspire applicants not only to apply but to accomplish great things once they start work with the company. Each employee gets to share their personal experience with the company, allowing the applicants to relate and connect with their potential piers and Apple. Through using employees to share why Apple is remarkable the video is able to connect personally with applicants while also setting high expectations.

Transport For London

Rather than using a meet the team narrative to the film, the TFL structures their recruitment video around the theme of one of their projects. By using this format TFL is able to showcase the great work they do that makes them a leader in the field, while also showing the capabilities and qualities of their current staff. By showing the real impact that they make on millions in London everyday, they are able to connect what they do to making a real difference. This inspires applicants to apply and be a part of the big goals that the TFL is aiming for.