Healthcare Animation Video Examples

21.03.2017 Animation
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Healthcare animation videos break complex concepts down into understandable parts. They are also a medium that people prefer. In fact, by 2019 it is estimated that 80% of internet traffic will be video. This means that animation videos are an effective choice for both clear communication and reaching an audience. This makes healthcare animations a great resource for both healthcare professional and patient communications. Below are a few healthcare animation video examples to give you a sense of what can be accomplished.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Targeted to a young audience, this animation needed to clearly break down specific information about our blood and how cancer affects this. With the help of animation, Macmillan Cancer Support was able to depict blood at a cellular level, and ensure comprehension. This provided a dynamic, engaging and informative film that broke down a complex concept into understandable parts.

British Heart Foundation

This animation video seeks to spread awareness and information about new advancements in heart valve treatments. Using text and animation, this video is able to establish a clear understanding of heart valves, the need for advancements and introduce current studies. This creates understanding and awareness.

Stroke Association UK

Atrial Fibrillation affects over a million people in the UK every year, yet many people don’t fully understand what it is and how it can contribute towards stroke. This type of animation creates an understanding of AF and then shares information about treatments to reduce your risk of stroke. By breaking down a complex concept into understandable parts, this animation informs its audience and creates awareness.

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