How to Choose the Right Video Production Company (Find Talented & Trusted Experts)

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

The compelling evidence that video marketing works has resulted in more and more businesses adopting video as a core marketing tool. This makes it a little more difficult for your content to stand out amongst the crowd, no matter how original you may regard it to be.

The key to cutting through the clutter? Choosing the right video production company

choosing the right video production company

How to Choose the Right Video Production Company?

Not all businesses will have the budget and demand to hire a full time production team in-house. Instead, you can commission an external agency with the expertise in filmmaking and content product to help. 

Whether you’re getting a brand movie produced or a promotional video for a new product, finding the right producer is integral to how effectively your content will perform. Take some time to find the right team to work on your video marketing content. 

To kick off your quest, read on for some tips on how to choose the right video production company. 

Develop a content brief with clear objectives 

One of the key steps to finding the right team for your content? Start working on the project brief.

The brief include objectives and relevant information about your business and audience, as well as any key messages you’d like included. 

how to choose the right video production company

You’ll find that the process of putting together the brief itself will give you focus. You can commence your search with a clear idea of what you need a production agency to deliver. An early start on the brief can save you precious time with your search and help streamline the initial discussions. 

Set a budget 

It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many clients start discussions with without any idea of what kind of budget they have for a project. 

If you’re unsure of what kind of budget you set, get ballpark quotes from at least three different video production companies to get an idea of market rates. 

Create a list of companies to approach 

There are three main methods you could use to conduct your search: 

  • Seek out recommendations from other business and marketers. Ask someone trustworthy to recommend a video production agency. If someone you know has already worked with them, you can be a little more assured of their reliability.
  • Look for well produced videos on other brands’ social channels. Scope out video content from some of the brands that you love. It doesn’t need to be competitor businesses, or even video content targeted at the same audience. You may find something for an entirely different niche that impresses you stylistically and delivers a message in a clear and compelling way.
  • Do a quick Google search. If you’re looking for a local video production or local animation company, just search for video production in (city) and start to browse through some showreels. Narrow down to three to five of your favourites for the next step. 

searching for video production companies

Look beyond the showreel

Remember, it’s important to look at results that video content has driven, rather than just the creative. There are plenty of examples of well produced content that hasn’t ultimately driven any traffic or increased conversion. 

Ultimately, you want a team that can produce video to meet your business objectives. 

Have a more detailed discussion

Once you’ve narrowed it down to two or three top contenders, go into your project brief in a little more detail with them.

If possible, set up a face to face meeting. This is important to assess whether there is a fit between your team and theirs. Remember, choosing the right video production company shouldn’t just be about the skill and creative ability. Consider personality and culture as well. You’ll be working really closely so you want to make sure that the people are a good match.

Prepare a list of questions for the first meeting 

Along with these tips, we’ve compiled 10 questions you should ask before hiring a video production company (insert link to previous blog post). These include key considerations, such as asking to see case studies for content produced in the past.

case studies of video production companies

Here are the kinds of things that you should discuss in the meeting: 

  • Which services they offer in-house and which they outsource. For instance, is script writing included? Can they provide voice overs? Make sure that you’re fully clear on your requirements so you can find out whether they have the capacity to deliver what you need. 
  • How will the project be managed? 
  • Will they provide edits if any revision is needed? 
  • What suggestions do they have to make your project work based on their experience and expertise? 

A more in-depth conversation will also help you gauge which team is actually willing (and genuinely interested) to understand the need of your business and your audience. For a producer to develop a video that resonates with your target audience, they should be interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the brief.

After this meeting, you’ll be able to suss out who is going to immerse themselves in your project by the type of questions they ask and their level of interest. 

Clarify the timeline 

When working together with a new external agency for the first time, we wouldn’t recommend working too close to a major deadline such as a product launch. Allow some extra wiggle room in there to make sure there is enough time for any edits needed. The last thing you want is to end up with a piece of content that clearly looks rushed and has to be uploaded before it’s perfected. 

timeline for video production agencies

Ask for a proposal along with the quote 

Once you’ve met with a couple of video production companies and gone through your requirements, ask them to send a proposal along with their quote. This should include a timeline along with a breakdown of the quote. 

Comparing the proposals will give you an instant sense of which company has understood your vision and what you’re looking for. The pricing will also be a factor in determining who you hire. Although remember, as with everything, you get what you pay for. And ultimately, a more engaging video that conveys your message in compelling way will get a greater ROI


Hopefully, the above tactics will help guide your quest on how to choose the right video production company, resulting in exceptional content that both you and your audience will love.