How to make a good promotional video

01.06.2016 Video Marketing
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Video marketing is becoming an increasingly important tactic for sharing information and capturing attention. Social media has become a driving force of this and aides interaction for consumers around the globe. Within this clutter of links and articles, video has a greater chance of standing out. A promotional video is a great opportunity for you to showcase your company or a product in a way that engages your audience. Learning how to make a good promotional video is therefore vital for your company’s immediate growth.

Promo Film

Simply put a promo film is a video that tells your audience about your company or product, and encourages them to buy into or learn more. It can be an effective way to drive sales and revenue through engaging with your audience and communicating key messages. A good promotional film will do more than feature your organisation, it will entertain and inspire. Video gives your audience a quick and entertaining connection to information.

how to make a good promotional video

Another advantage to a promo film is that can help put a human face to your company, building trust with the audience. Audience trust can determine the success or failure of your business. And video is great way to commence and sustain that conversation with your audience and build trust. Through providing a visible face, you give the audience more than just your company name to relate to.

Promotional Video Tips

To get the best ROI from your video you must keep in mind how to make a good promotional video production. Here are a few promotional video tips to help:

Message is key

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You need to have a clear message to communicate in your video. The most effective videos are clear and targeted. You have a limited time to connect to your audience, so it is vital that you communicate a strong message.

Know your audience

Know who you are speaking to and tailor your message to them. Determine who your target audience is and consider how they would want to be communicated to. Then tailor your message to them (i.e. tone, word choice, pace etc)


The quality of your video will reflect the professionalism and reliability of your company. Audiences judge organisations on their marketing; it’s how they decide whether to buy into your company or not.

Keep it short

Be conscious of people’s short attention spans.

good promotional video

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