How to Make a Great Testimonial Video

09.08.2021 Video Marketing
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Continuously establishing a strong relationship with customers is at the core of every company’s video marketing strategy. So what can be better than a testimonial video? Testimonial videos come from real, loyal and happy customers, garnering credibility for your brand and driving sales.

Unlike a quickly typed-up review, testimonial videos tell real stories about your long-term, existing customers’ experiences with your business. They go into much more specific detail about the benefits of working with your company and give factual evidence of how their businesses have improved as a result.

Although it might be daunting to ask customers to go in front of the camera, an excellent testimonial video will quickly bear fruit and strengthen your trusting relationship with your clients. Listed below are our ways of recording a highly successful testimonial video.

Why You Need a Testimonial Video

Here are some key statistics you need to know about the power of testimonial videos:

  1. 97% of B2B customers said that online testimonials are the most reliable type of video content
  2. Testimonial videos can increase conversions by 34%
  3. Regularly uploading customer testimonials can increase revenue by 62%
  4. 79% of consumers have clicked on a testimonial video to learn more about a company’s products or services
  5. 90% of people trust what a customer says about a business than what that business says about itself

These hard-hitting facts further emphasise the importance of incorporating testimonial videos into your video marketing strategy. It’s hard to deny that these numbers give you more reason to boost your reach and reel those customers in.

Choosing Your Customers

Before you go badgering customers left, right and centre, you need to draw up a clear set of criteria for your interviewee. Sending out a whole host of requests for on-screen customer testimonials will only scare off potential candidates and make them feel uncertain about your brand.

We recommend narrowing down your customer list to the ones who have stuck with you the longest. After all, there must be a reason why they keep coming back to invest in your business. They are your happiest clients and, therefore, the most willing to participate in encouraging other like-minded businesses to work with you. If you want excellent customer feedback that goes into specific detail about multiple scenarios, loyal, long-term customers are your best bet. 

It’s also a good idea to think about the type of customer testimonial video you want. Using one customer’s experience can home in on specific features of your product you want to emphasise. On the other hand, multiple testimonials can relate to more audience members, as viewers can recognise themselves and their businesses in your video.

Choosing Your Customers
Choosing Your Customers

Requesting a Testimonial Video

Now that you have narrowed down your customer database to the lucky few you think are the most willing, how should you go about contacting them? A message on social media or a phone call will most likely fall on deaf ears. These methods of communication are too forward, increasing the risk that your approach will be ignored. As a result, your chosen customers will potentially be deterred from giving a more detailed testimonial and may even scare them away from your business.

Sending an email is your best way of asking your customers for a testimonial. This puts your customers at ease, as it reassures them that they can take their time to mull over your request, and you can ensure that you haven’t missed out on any vital information. The most important part of a customer testimonial video is making your interviewees comfortable from the offset.

Requesting a Testimonial Video
Requesting a Testimonial Video


Details About Your Video

Thanking your customer for their continued support in your business should be the first thing they read. Let them know how much you appreciate their positive feedback and how you would like to further its impact. Tell them that you are interested in featuring them in an in-person customer testimonial video, which will be shown to visitors on your website and other consumers. Being honest about your video’s purpose will clarify your intentions and make them feel less nervous to either say yes or no.  

Make sure the tone of your email only expresses your interest in them and doesn’t come across as demanding. As with most of your marketing tactics, your email’s sole focus should be the customer, not your business. Showing them that there is no pressure, either way, will make your proposition less daunting and maintain a friendly and welcoming rapport. Regardless of the outcome, being a customer is more important than participating in a testimonial video. 

Scripting Questions

You want your testimonial video to be conversational and strike an emotional and inspirational tone with your viewers. However, you can’t go into the recording room on the day completely unrehearsed. You can’t expect your customer to provide a glowing response logically and tell a strong story. Waiting for spontaneity to strike will only lead to awkwardness. Pose the right questions beforehand, and your customer can carefully construct their answers and still keep a natural flow. 

Here are some of the questions we recommend asking for a strong testimonial:

  1. What problems in your company were you trying to solve?
  2. Why did you choose us over other businesses offering similar products and services?
  3. How much has your company improved since working with our business?
  4. What do you like most about our services?
  5. Why would you recommend us to other businesses?

These questions will help your customers devise data-based answers, listing specific scenarios and tangible results. They also give an effective before and after story of your interviewee’s journey with your business. As a result, your testimonial video will build a convincing narrative that provides hard evidence and converts viewers into consumers.

Scripting Questions
Scripting Questions

Location and Lighting

Now it’s time to plan the logistics of the shoot. A high-quality video needs a lot of thought regarding the location and lighting requirements of the shoot. Compromising on quality will show your audience that you haven’t invested enough care into all aspects of your business. 

Compile a list of potential settings, either outdoor or indoor, place the chair you want to use for your interviewee in different locations, and see how the lighting works (or doesn’t work). You ideally want somewhere quiet, well-lit and welcoming, successfully portraying the character of your business.

Whilst outdoor settings might be more appealing and inviting, especially on a hot, sunny day, you can’t guarantee that the weather will be in your favour on the shoot. An indoor setting will also help you control the lighting and try out different angles. Testing these different locations will help you visualise your testimonial video and see which other particular shots you could also incorporate.

Comfort is Key

Throughout the whole filming process, making sure your interviewee is comfortable and relaxed is your main priority. Let them know that they don’t need to dress in formal attire or do anything fancy with their hair and make-up – you want them to look their natural and happy self. Providing refreshments will also gain you brownie points.  

The more at ease the interviewee feels, the likelier the chance of your welcoming approach and your company’s authenticity being portrayed. A comfortable interviewee will also laugh more between questions. Although you want your testimonial to be informative, a handful of laughs can add personality to your company. As a result, your testimonial video will humanise your business, making you seem more inviting and personable.

Comfort is Key
Comfort is Key

Editing Your Testimonial Video

It’s now time to edit and finalise your testimonial video. You might have 15-30 minutes of footage, so it’s important to highlight the most powerful and effective responses that align with your brand’s values. Editing out filler words will smooth out your interviewee’s answers, giving your testimonial video a more polished sheen.

It’s worth bearing in mind that shortening attention spans are on the rise. As a result, your video needs to be as short and to the point as possible to maintain audience engagement. Incorporating a mixture of straightforwardness and humour will make your testimonial video easy to follow, understandable and enjoyable to watch. Ensure your testimonial video has a logical flow, so your audience can clearly see how your services can solve their problems.

Allow yourself plenty of time to chop and change your video. You want to be sure that all of your desired footage is included, so don’t rush any decision-making. 

Intercut Testimonials with Your Product

Whenever your interviewee is referring to a specific feature, it’s a good idea to switch to the relevant footage of your product. This demonstrates what the interviewee is talking about, adding more context to your interviewee’s experience. Extra shots of your product enrich your video because your audience understands your company’s services and why they stand out from the rest. This further builds on the authentic and strong story you want to tell your audience. Testimonial videos are all about honesty and transparency, so this type of footage will add credibility to your customer’s claims.

Final Thoughts

A customer testimonial video is hugely beneficial in marketing your products and services. A real customer telling a strong story about the positive experience of working with your company definitely has its merits. Detailing tangible results, solutions to problems and a friendly rapport will convince other businesses to see what your company has to offer. 

We can make video work for you, not the other way around. With over 2000 videos, both animated and live-action, we can sort all of the logistics associated with your testimonial video, meaning no hassle or stress on your part. Still interested? Give us a call to get our creative partnership started.

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