How to Promote Healthcare Facilities With Video

11.06.2021 Video Marketing
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Over the last few years, video has become a rising star in content marketing strategies. People have been taking their health more seriously and are constantly in search of the best healthcare. Video is the easiest way to achieve widespread recognition for your healthcare facility because of its short and shareable format. From virtual tours to patient testimonials, there is a multitude of ways to promote healthcare facilities through video.  

But your healthcare facility shouldn’t just be about the resources available to patients. A warm and welcoming environment will add to your facility’s approachability and ensure a more positive online response. 

Below are some of the ways you can benefit from adding video promotion to your healthcare facility’s content marketing strategy. 

1. Virtual Tours of Healthcare Facilities

Video is famed for its flexibility. So why not let potential patients have a good look around your healthcare facilities through virtual means? A virtual tour lets patients explore your resources at their own pace and from the comfort of their own home. Patients feeling anxious about upcoming operations and treatments can better understand your healthcare facility’s standards and procedures. This extra touch will reassure patients that they will receive the best care from your team. Many patients will feel quite daunted about hospital treatment, so making them as comfortable as possible, both physically and virtually, will boost your facility’s credibility. It’s unrealistic to have lots of people wandering around a hospital. Therefore, a virtual tour is best for displaying your openness and dedication to patient care.

Accessibility is also a key point to address. People with mobility issues will see how hospitable your healthcare facility is towards wheelchair users and know what to expect when travelling around. This might seem an obvious point to make for a healthcare facility, but this will help patients trust your services.  

Our promotional film for Benenden Private Hospital takes the viewer around the hospital’s facilities, detailing the different types of care and amenities available for all patients and visitors. Including shots of the in-house pharmacy and positive interactions between patients and healthcare professionals, this video reassures the viewer that Benenden will take great care of them. 



2. Healthcare Equipment in Use

Tying in with the previous point, videos of specialists and patients using equipment will add more credibility to your facility. Through this type of video, you can incorporate testimonials from both patients and specialists. Patients detailing the positive experience of care will reassure future patients, as they will want to hear these first-hand accounts. Using specialists’ first names will add a more personal touch, as this will highlight your team’s friendly and welcoming approach. Specialists explaining procedures relevant to the equipment will show that patients are in extremely capable hands throughout their treatment. 

As some patients will feel nervous about their upcoming treatments, providing as much information as possible will ease these worries. Medical experts using these facilities will show patients exactly what the treatment entails and proves your team’s proficiency in caregiving. Future patients will be happy in the knowledge that your healthcare facility will give them the best possible results. 

Our promotional film for Harefield Hospital shows an array of patients undergoing treatment and healthcare professionals developing a warm and welcoming relationship with them. Shots of patients and specialists using equipment to scan, diagnose and treat ailments impress the viewer with the hospital’s facilities and the team’s proficiency. Additionally, the patients’ positive response highlights the facility’s trustworthiness and prowess in treating complex health conditions. 

3. Expansions and Improvements of Healthcare Facilities

Filming the history of your healthcare facility provides an insight into your establishment’s progress since its inception. Therefore, detailing your facility’s growth conveys your facility’s commitment to improving the quality of patient care and medical research. Regardless of how long your healthcare facility has been running, you want to impress patients with your years of expertise. It’s always fascinating to see the stark differences between your facility’s foundation and its current status. Footage comparing the old and new buildings of your establishment will emphasise the transformations your facility has undergone to ensure optimum patient experience. 

Shots of technological progress and advancements in the medical sector are vital for promoting your healthcare facility. Constantly keeping up to date with the latest developments in medical research shows your ongoing commitment to patient care. Sourcing the newest equipment to heal specific health conditions relieves any anxieties your patients may have. Testimonials from healthcare professionals about inspiring new developments in their field of medical research will add an enriching story arc to your video content.   

Our Heritage Film for Benenden Private Hospital features a vast collection of archived photographs accompanied by text overlays detailing specific facts about the hospital’s history. This creates a very charming compilation, emphasising the hospital’s growth and transformation. As the images become clearer and more colourful, the continuing advancement of the hospital is accentuated, ending the video on a positive note. 

4. Children’s Health Facilities

If your healthcare facility specifically works with children, there are different treatments and activities you need to think about filming. Testimonials from both children and parents are crucial in your video content marketing strategy. This footage needs to comfort the young patients undergoing life-saving operations and their parents and carers. Therefore, videos of facilities for parents to stay overnight and parents bonding with various medical professionals will relieve both parties that excellent care will be taken of them. As a result, surgery will become a less daunting prospect, especially for young children. 

Footage of various treatment procedures and activities will also create a more welcoming environment. Videos of babies participating in sensory play, specialists teaching children with learning disabilities, and the variety of activities on offer will highlight the wealth of opportunities children have, despite being in hospital. As children will be spending the majority of their childhoods in a healthcare facility, it’s important to show the resources available to improve their quality of life. As they are away from home and loved ones, devising a fun and friendly setting is the most significant factor in promoting your healthcare facility.

Our promotional video for Great Ormond Street Hospital has a young patient, George, at the heart of the footage. Whilst he explains his health condition, he goes around various wards, participates in multiple creative activities, and develops warm relationships with the staff. But most importantly, he is constantly positive about his experience, proving that children can still have a childhood in hospital.   

5. Animation for Health Statistics

Animation is an excellent tool for breaking down complex topics and relaying information. Studies show that animated video content increases knowledge retention by 15%. Therefore, animation is the best video format if you want to present lots of data about your healthcare facility. From statistics about your facility’s international or national rankings to the number of patients successfully treated by your specialists for specific conditions, animation will display these numbers in an aesthetically pleasing way. Statistics are always the best persuasive technique in attracting new patients because there’s no contest against raw data. Presenting graphs and charts as stunning visuals will boost audience engagement, which is what animation achieves.  

You can use a combination of animation and live-action video footage to highlight specific points in your video, generating a more creative approach. For example, a video about the transformations your healthcare facility has undergone can use animation to highlight specific dates and differences. This adds versatility and flexibility to your video content marketing strategy, as possibilities are endless with animation. There are many styles and formats to choose from, so you can be as inventive as you like. If you’re thinking about developing a video series informing patients about different health conditions, animation simplifies complicated subjects into something more digestible. The world really is your oyster with animation.

Our video for the World Health Organization raising awareness for HIV uses a combination of animation and live-action. Whilst the first-hand accounts of people suffering from HIV makes the video more personable, the animated video content quickly and clearly explains the effects and extent of HIV drug resistance through maps, charts and other graphics. As a result, this video has both an empathetic and informative approach.

Final Thoughts

By promoting your healthcare facility through video, you will develop a much more thorough, concise and creative content marketing strategy. First-hand accounts from patients, footage of high-tech equipment, and information about the history of your facility will humanise your video and generate online recognition. 

With over 2000 videos, both animated and live-action, we can sort all of the logistics associated with your healthcare video. We are a full-service video and animation company based in London with a great in-house team. Still interested? Give us a call to get our creative partnership started.

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