Kartoffel Films Named A Top Creative Design Agency

22.01.2021 Kartoffel Stuff
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Clutch Names Kartoffel Films As A Top Creative Design Agency in The UK

For more than eight years, our team has made it their mission to provide our partners with the content to deliver their message effectively. We want to serve as the bridge between a company and their audience, and we seem to be doing a good job.

We recently received news that Kartoffel Films was named as one of the UK’s top creative design agencies for the year 2021 by Clutch.


Clutch is an online ratings platform that’s an essential tool for everyone in the B2B industry. They’re a more sophisticated reviews site because they have a unique verification process that allows them to screen for malicious content. Review bombing and review boosting are not in their vocabulary.

Clutch Video Production Company Award
Clutch Video Production Company Award


This means that the 2021 agencies that meet their criteria for being the best performers in their industry deserve their spot. This award means a great deal to our team as it’s a perfect symbol of what our clients think of our work. In fact, our Founder had this to say when we got the news from Clutch.

“This is great news for us as a company and a real opportunity we are very pleased to be recognized for our work in the past year and looking forward to a great new year.” – Eoin Dowdall, Founder of Kartoffel Films.

This is a great start for our 2021 and you can be sure that we’ll use it as fuel to do even better in the coming months. If your company needs quality content in various formats, no need to look any further. We’re a team that prioritizes the connections that our clients make with their audience.

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