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12.07.2021 Video Marketing
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Let’s set the scene. You can go ahead and revamp your company’s video marketing strategy. Exciting stuff! But where does the fun begin? How do you make sure it’s effective? How does your brand reach the right type of business? 

This can be an exceptionally difficult and overwhelming task at the start. Without a clear-cut plan, businesses won’t take notice of your company, and your efforts will be rendered futile. Balancing budget constraints, creative efforts and reaching verdicts can be a lot to handle. But what should be the primary focus of all aspects of your strategy is your target audience.  

A B2B video marketing strategy is catered towards individuals buying products and services for their business instead of themselves. From devising detailed buyer personas to promoting your video content, we are here to answer your queries concerning this part of your video content marketing strategy. Listed below are some of our tried and tested ways of achieving your business marketing goals via B2B video content.  

1. Buyer Personas

Firstly, your buyer personas are specific consumer types you envisage investing time and money into your products and services. Making these as detailed as possible is critical to painting an accurate picture of the businesses you want to target. This will also help you understand your buyers’ needs better and how to reach them. You can then develop more relatable video content for your target audience.

As a result, you will need precise information concerning the ideal buyer persona you want to work with. This includes, but is not limited to, the type of business they work in, their job title and their role within the company. Finding out this kind of information will help you adapt the tone and style of your videos for these buyer personas.

We recommend choosing three or four buyer personas you want your B2B video marketing strategy to target. Too many buyer personas will lead to very vague messaging in your video content. You should also look at the psychographics and demographics of each buyer persona. Psychographics help you analyse their characteristics and personality, whilst demographics are more data-driven, providing more empirical information about your video consumers’ backgrounds. 

Buyer Personas
Buyer Personas

2. Marketing Videos for Specific Stages

Your video content needs to reflect every stage of the customer journey. From engaging consumers to pushing for sales, a strong B2B video marketing strategy will address these considerations and keep viewers coming back for more.

Being stage-specific requires a combination of three different types of video content. Top-of-funnel (ToFu), middle-of-funnel (MoFu) and bottom-of-funnel (BoFu) are each critical components of drawing in potential customers and encouraging them to invest in your products and services. Regardless of where they are in their decision-making process, your video content needs to continue adding value to your customers.

Top-of-funnel (ToFu)

The top of the sales funnel should draw attention to your brand’s identity. Therefore, your video content at this primary stage should be educational and informative, telling customers about your company’s area of expertise or educating them about a relevant trend or topic.

How-to videos and trend videos are examples of ToFu video content.

Middle-of-funnel (MoFu)

Problem-solving and solutions are at the core of MoFu video content. Your customers know what they want, so they will be contrasting different B2B video content that best fits their needs. 

Placing your brand and product at the forefront of your video content will bring your audience closer, therefore proving that your business is the best choice for their solutions. 

Product comparison videos, product tutorial videos and explainer videos are examples of MoFu video content.

Bottom-of-funnel (BoFu)

This stage combines all those creative efforts for the final push to sell your product. Specifying your product’s significance and showing how well other companies have worked with you should, therefore, be the sole focus of BoFu video content.

Case study videos, testimonial videos and webinars are examples of BoFu video content.  

Marketing Videos for Specific Stages
Marketing Videos for Specific Stages

3. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Knowing the effectiveness of your B2B video marketing strategy is crucial for its success. Qualitative and quantitative key performance indicators give you an overall picture of your video content’s performance.

Quantitative KPIs

  • Leads generated track new leads
  • Call to Action clicks track conversions
  • Products sold track new product sales

Qualitative KPIs

  • Brand influence tracks your brand reach amongst different audiences
  • Brand engagement tracks how well customers interact with your brand identity
  • Product engagement tracks how well your customers understand your brand and products

We recommend using the video-hosting site Wistia to upload your video content. Wistia has a whole host of metrics you can use to analyse your video’s success, consequently going into different specifics depending on your video’s goals.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

4. Promoting Your Video Content

Coming up with a plan to promote your creative juices is the final step in developing your B2B video content strategy. From utilising email marketing to social media to publicise your videos, you have quite a few options in developing your promotional plan. 

Email Video Marketing

Email marketing is a fantastic way to reach business customers. By incorporating video into your email marketing, you can entice consumers more engagingly. Intriguing subject headlines, sticking to one Call to Action and considering email list segmentation all come into play, and video effectively brings these forces together. As your emails will be targeting your buyer personas, not every single email will be relevant to each one. Depending on where your buyer persona is on their customer journey, you, therefore, want to make sure your email and video content are appropriate for their needs. Otherwise, the content you promote will be deemed unnecessary and business customers will be motivated to unsubscribe than to buy. 

Digital Video Marketing

Digital video marketing is all about your online presence and aesthetic. Website design, search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertising can all make the most of video. Having a video on your landing page will immediately draw in potential business customers – this is exactly where you can utilise your ToFu video content. SEO optimizes your digital presence by incorporating a specific set of keywords, making your website discoverable. Video content boosts on-page SEO, with the average user spending 88% more time on a website with video. Using transcripts and captions will also improve your off-page SEO rankings. As video isn’t text-based, it’s important to build text around your videos, such as transcripts, captions, and meta-descriptions, to inform Google what your video is about. This enables search engines to index your multimedia content accordingly, increasing search traffic. 

Digital Video Marketing
Digital Video Marketing

Social Media Video Marketing

Social media marketing is where you’re attracting B2B consumers at the beginning of their customer journeys. Although you might not generate as many leads, social media significantly increases brand awareness and adds a human touch to your company. Consider your buyer personas to choose which social media platforms are best to promote your video content. Where will they most likely see your videos and as a result click on them? 

We recommend using LinkedIn for the bulk of your social media B2B video content strategy. As a professional networking social media platform, it’s hardly surprising that many B2B marketing strategies have used LinkedIn to build a strong social media presence. As Facebook, Instagram and TikTok attract more individual consumers than companies, LinkedIn will be your best bet in drawing in the businesses you want to work with. 

To track your progress, checking your social media metrics will show how far your video content is reaching your audience and how well they are resonating with it. 

Content Video Marketing

Your B2B consumers want to learn something from your expertise in a logical fashion. This doesn’t necessarily mean they want to buy your products and services. Therefore, your content video marketing strategy is just as important as your advertising strategy. 

PR marketing strategies are known to interfere with B2B consumers’ day-to-day lives, eventually leading to frustration and negative associations with your brand. A content marketing strategy is less about promotional material and more about informational and educational content. Your consumers are only just beginning to understand their problem, so promoting your services will fall flat and fail to interest potential customers. ToFu video content that educates consumers on a relevant trend or topic will boost engagement, motivating viewers to click further and learn more about your brand. SEO also plays a key role in your content video marketing strategy because it helps you anticipate what your audience is looking for. 

Business decision-makers prefer to receive information via an article rather than an advert. Simply placing a video on your blog can ramp up your SEO for your video content marketing strategy. This video can help summarise your written content, which should also include those crucial SEO keyphrases. Your video content marketing strategy will add value to your consumers’ interests, increase your brand’s discoverability and humanise your brand’s identity. Aligning your video content with your buyers’ journeys will only improve its effectiveness. 

Content Video Marketing
Content Video Marketing

Final Thoughts

Developing your B2B video marketing strategy may seem like an overwhelming task, but a clear and logical plan is all you need to reach your business marketing goals. Your target audience, types of video content and planning your promotional tactics will all guide you to creating successful B2B video content. Once you have a strong grasp on the technicalities, everything will fall into place.  

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