Effective promotional video examples

03.06.2016 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Quality promotional videos allow companies to share their story in engaging and creative ways. Whether you are promoting your company as a whole, or announcing a new product, great promotional films connect with audiences and create an emotional connection. This emotional connection can inspire and motivate audiences to buy into your company and your products or services. Each video is effective because they know their audience, and communicate in a way that audience will respond to.

Below are a few promotional video examples that inspired audiences to great results:

All Global Circle

Using dynamic and innovative motion graphics, this promo film can communicate a lot of information in a short period of time. Created to engage a targeted audience of healthcare professionals, this promotional film takes a professional and informative approach. This gives the audience all the information they need to engage them with the company and be motivated to partake.

Dollar Shave Club

The effectiveness of this video comes from the company’s knowledge of their audience and the problem they are trying to solve. Speaking directly to their audience in a tone their audience would appreciate, makes this one of the most successful promotional films of all time. It is a well-targeted video that speaks directly to their key audience


Taking a different approach, Spotify used animation and dynamic music to engage their audience. Made for their US launch, this film creates a dynamic snapshot of what they can do for their audience, and what problem they solve.

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