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17.03.2016 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director


Why do some videos get shared widely? And others do not? Unfortunately there is no exact science to creating a shareable video. There are however some commonalities amongst shareable videos that can help with your own video’s success. Employing these strategies is not a foolproof plan to a viral or shareable video. There’s no predicting which videos will quickly go viral, but with these consideration you can guarantee the ROI of your video.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is very appealing, especially to charities, as it can reach a wide audience at low expense. Shareable videos are a vital part of this strategy. It is your audience who will distribute your message to others as they share and pass on your video. This creates the potential for exponential growth in the reach of your video, snowballing until your video reaches viral exposure. However not all videos make it to this stage.

Viral marketing often depends on delivering the right content and message at the right time. It’s not about big budgets or celebrities or even cute kittens. What makes a video shareable is connecting your message to viewers and engaging them to share.

Content Sharing

Once you’ve made a video you have to connect it to your audiences. As great as your video may be, if no one watches it than it has no value. Think about how your key audience consumes video and reach out to them there.If your video is engaging enough, than promoting it through your social media accounts will give you the reach organically.

This means that you need to know and understand your audience. People are more likely to engage in content sharing when it reflects who they are. Specifically when it comes to shareable videos for charity, the key audience is typically socially conscious people who want to share something inspirational. They want to share videos that would inspire their friends to be socially conscious too. So keep in mind who you are targeting in order to inspire content sharing.

The point behind shareable videos is not to solely capture audiences’ attention. Rather you need to engage them in your video and make the content so inspiring that they cannot wait to share the video with their friends. Shareable video is all about inspiring sharing.

Shareable Videos

Emotional triggers can be invaluable to shareable videos. Facts and figures, while important are easy to ignore. While emotions are not so easily forgotten.

Some emotions though are more likely to create truly shareable videos. Positive emotions have been found to inspire 3 times more sharing than negative emotions (i.e. pride vs shock). Ensure that the emotions you use are active ones, not passive ones. People are complicated beings, so you do not have to choose one sole emotion to embody in your video. Rather layering emotional triggers can have greater power to inspire and connect with audiences.

Shareable videos have a purpose. There is a story to them, and a reason behind why they are made. Don’t just make a video to have a shareable video. Rather make a video to share a message. Then employ multiple strategies to ensure that your video has the best chance at becoming a shareable video.

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