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08.12.2020 Video Marketing
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

When making a decision on where is best to shoot your next video campaign, it can be difficult picking from the literally countless options on offer. Some locations are sure to suit your needs better than others. Whether it be the general environment, the local talent or the quality of video studios on offer. Of course, none of this matters if getting to your location proves too difficult in the first place. This is where remote shooting becomes an invaluable tool.

Remote shooting is a technique that has a bright future ahead of it. Combining convenience with quality, it allows businesses to produce the content they need without the hassle of having to travel. Not to mention the cost of flights, accommodation and other expenses that always seem to pile up. On top of that you have to contend with potentially unpredictable weather, navigating a foreign land and the prospect of a disruptive language barrier.

Some companies are concerned that remote shooting leads to a relinquishing of control. However, thanks to modern technology, in many ways it gives you greater control over producing your footage. Allowing you to overlook the process step by step from the comfort of your hometown.

With this freedom in mind, you have a planet full of shooting locations to choose from. So where should you pick? This is where London stands out amongst the crowd.

The UK had the 4th highest marketing spend on the planet in 2019. Plus video ad sales saw a 27% revenue growth globally during the same period. Combine these two statistics with the fact that London is the UK’s video production hub and suddenly the appeal of shooting remotely in London becomes clearer. Granted, 2020 put somewhat of a spanner in the works. This led to a slight change in video production tactics but the future looks bright for video production in London.

An ideal location for all types of video storytelling, the UK’s capital is renowned for its cultural and historical significance. With this comes not only an incredible range of shooting locations but also well-established selection of production options. As London is a well-renowned production hub, from film and television to animation, it is sure to provide all that you need.

The benefits of shooting video campaigns in London are varied and plentiful.

A hub of talent

Thanks to the city’s reputation as one of the most culturally significant spots on the planet, there is an endless pool of talent available to dip into. From writers to directors to actors, London attracts the very best in every craft that you might associate with video. Think the National Theatre. The West End. Pinewood Studios. Not to mention the plethora of smaller-scale creative hubs just waiting to be unearthed.

Also, London is a large city. Massive in fact. Not only that, but because of it being the core of the UK’s media industry, it is where all the brightest talents flock to. Due to this, the quantity of individuals working in video production is gigantic.

Given the wide array of actors, writers and video producers available, there is a gifted and experienced crowd to choose from for every budget. Regardless of whether you are looking to splash the cash or wish to make your brand known through more affordable means, London is sure to provide all that you need.

Regardless of what your budget is, the importance of creative investment in a shoot can never be underestimated. Creative investment is about more than just money. The time, preparation and thought behind an idea are just as important as the budget, if not more important. Read more on the subject of video production creative investment here.



A wide array of shooting locations

Being a city rife with intriguing diversity, London has every kind of shooting location that you could ask for. The sprawling capital is home to grandiose high streets rich with history; eye-catching edgy urban areas; and some of the quaintest, most picturesque alleyways on the planet. London is also the one of the greenest capitals on earth and home of the stunning Royal Parks. There are towering modern developments and some of the most ancient monuments in the country. Not to mention some of the world’s most notable urban landmarks. Essentially, London becomes a playground of endless possibility when it comes to shooting video.

Here are some of the most popular spots to shoot:

Piccadilly Circus – London’s answer to New York’s Time Square. The busy streets and glowing lights scream exciting urban environment. If you are looking to shoot a video campaign with an electric metropolitan feel to it, this is a good place to start.

Borough Market – Of all the capital’s indoor market spaces, this is arguably the most popular. The bustling crowds wandering amongst an eclectic range of food stalls give this place a visible energy. Add to this a glass ceiling that is not only an intriguing backdrop but also provides excellent lighting.

Camden Town – One of the capital’s more eye-catching neighbourhoods, Camden Town bursts with colour and charisma. Head down to the canals for a more serene setting or capture the area’s buzz by venturing into the historic alleyways of the popular Camden Market.

Westminster Bridge – Want your audience to know that your footage was shot in London? This is the place for you. The fantastic architecture of the bridge combines perfectly with the backdrop of the city’s most iconic building – the Houses of Parliament.

City of London – The heart of the city is home to towering office buildings and marble megastructures that will dominate a shot. A fantastic location for those wishing to capture an atmosphere of entrepreneurial brilliance. It is also home to some of London’s most famous landmarks.

Primrose Hill – Primrose Hill offers videographers the appealing setting of quaint coffee shops and pastel coloured buildings aplenty. There is also the additional bonus of a park with the city skyline at the foot of its emerald green hill. A calmer, more serene city setting than London’s busy centre.

Queen’s Walk – A walk that presents ample opportunities for inspirational wide-angle shots of the city resting on the banks of the River Thames. There are also a number of archways along the walk that can be used to creatively frame well-known architecture across the river.

St James’s Park – The perfect inner-city park setting. A long, swan-filled lake flanked by overarching trees runs through the middle of this grassy park. At one end sits 10 Downing Street, at the other is Buckingham Palace, reflected on the lake’s rippling surface.

Richmond Park – No other Royal Park manages to entwine urban setting with rural atmosphere quite like Richmond Park. It is a vast field of green adorned with ancient oaks and resident herds of deer. A great taste of the British countryside within one of the world’s largest cities.

This list barely scrapes the surface. In reality, the number of celebrated shooting locations is almost limitless. However, much of London’s charm lies in the spots that are less well known to the public. The delightful nooks and crannies that are sure to make your video stand out without viewers knowing precisely where it was shot. Whether it is recognisability or a subtle urban setting that you are after, London is sure to provide.

Filming in London at sunset

Due to the city’s importance as a hub of video production, there is also a large selection of studio spaces that can be used. These vary from cheap and cheerful to places bearing an extravagant opulence.

One of London’s greatest charms is the fact that there is always something happening somewhere. This makes for an endless supply of B-roll footage opportunities. Capturing the city’s energetic environment can be done almost anywhere. Setting up in one of the locations mentioned above is sure to provide excellent B-roll material.

One popular place to get spanning shots of the city is on the London Eye, although permission is required to do so.

An added benefit of shooting in London is the city’s efforts to keep video productions as environmentally friendly as possible. Read more on this here.

A transport hub

It may sound obvious, but London is an extremely well-connected city. The capital is home to 12 major railway stations, 6 airports and one of the best subway networks in the world. Thanks to this, organising and executing a shoot here becomes both easier and more efficient (whether remotely or in person).

Travel can so often cause delays and disruptions when shooting, but in a city as well connected as London that is rarely the case. Particularly if you choose to shoot your footage remotely, leaving production in the hands of people who know the city inside out. This also comes in handy for when things go wrong. If you can’t make the desired location work, then its good to have someone on hand to offer a suitable alternative.

London's underground subway

A large base for video production companies (including yours truly)

There is a wide selection of video production companies throughout London. And each has their own particular specialities. If you are looking to entrust a company to take charge of shooting your next video campaign then you need to make sure that they can provide what you need.

We are a video production company that specialises in creating video through remote production in a fast and efficient manner. With over 2,000 films and animation projects under our belt, we have vast amounts of experience shooting video in London. We always ensure to put the needs of our clients first and create content that will help each brand excel.

Here is a brief insight into the ways that we can help with your remote video production in London:

Remote Shooting

As previously mentioned, we specialise in remote shooting. Whether you are looking to shoot on location in London or make use of a local studio shoot, we have a dedicated team of professionals with vast experience to help you along the way. We always ensure that our clients stay engaged in the process whilst shooting remotely. This is made possible by the use of platforms such as, which often give clients more control than they would have if actually on set.

Remote shooting is a technique that will become increasingly popular as time goes on. Not only that, but it is also extremely applicable during the COVID-19 outbreak, by preventing the mixing of different bubbles and discouraging unnecessary travel. This in turn makes international video shoots in London during COVID-19 possible. Because of this, your business doesn’t have to be put on hold on account of the pandemic.

Fast Turn-Around

We pride ourselves on our ability to create premium content in quick time. Efficiency is key to what we do at Kartoffel Films, making sure that our clients are never left waiting. Regardless of the style of your video series, we have mastered the art of securing a quick turn-around. From the original concept to the final product, we always endeavour to be swift and thorough without ever cutting corners.

Some of this is achieved through the streamlining of the production process…

Streamlined Production Process

We use various techniques to make sure that the production process moves as smoothly as possible. By doing so, we also save a lot of time which ultimately eases on the production budget. Essentially, it’s a win-win situation for all involved. Everything from bulk shooting to providing the right equipment to remote content validation is used as and when required, to make the process more beneficial for everyone.

Read about our tips for streamlining health video series here.

Remote Versioning and Delivery

As part of our efforts to streamline production, the editing process and beyond is also put in our clients’ control. We allow our clients to follow the entire process remotely. Guiding them step by step as we put the finishing touches on their video content. This process allows intervention whenever it is required and we even lend a helping hand on tactical side of things when it comes to online delivery.


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