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16.08.2018 Social Media Video
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Whether you’re just starting out in social media or an early adapter, you’ll want to showcase engaging video to stand out in the fast-paced social media feeds. It’s no secret video content is on the rise.

By 2019 video content will be the driving force behind 85% of search traffic in the US.

If your company doesn’t have a video presence on social media, you won’t be reaching as big an audience or benefiting from the potential engagement of your video being reshared.

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We consume countless hours of video on social media, often doing so in bite-sized chunks through. On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter over 3 billion users are consuming videos every day. In addition, video ads, especially on Facebook and Instagram, yield more engagement and higher click-through rates than traditional static ads.

Video is the future of social media but how can your business do it well as a campaign?

What makes a great social media video?

It is vital that your video understands your audience. A good video will target the right people in the best way possible and, when it does, even the shortest video can turn heads everywhere.

A common mistake people make is overloading their videos. They want it to sell a product, recruitment staff, tell the history of the company and be a quirky sketch all in one (with animated motion graphics to boot).

Know what you want your video to say, implement your brand and the company’s presence will come through.

The next question is, what type of video should strive for to make the most out of social media?

There are so many ways to promote a product or company through video. A simple visual, shoot is great for products or interviews. However, if you want to push the boat out and capitalise on the more viral video market, studio shoots and a more creative brief can bring the extra flare to a video that you might need.

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There are so many more possibilities than the few we’ve suggested so why not contact us for more details. At Kartoffel Films, we have worked with social media campaigns in various business sectors with education being a prominent one, such as the Alumnus Story for Middlesex University London where we utilised Instagram films to target their potential users.

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