Stop Motion Animation

27.10.2015 Animation
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

While stop motion animation has been around for almost as long as traditional filmmaking, its full potential for video marketing has yet to be realised. Stop motion animation is a great opportunity to add dynamism and interest to an otherwise ordinary sequence. Moreover its rarity in video marketing ensures that your video will stand out from all the others.

Stop motion animation definition

Stop motion animation definition – a filming technique that makes static objects appear as if they are moving. Their movement is brought to life by breaking the object’s motion into increments and filming one frame per incremental movement. Then when the frames are shown in rapid succession the object’s movement is brought to life.

Advantages of stop motion animation

The advantages of stop motion are numerous. Perhaps the most apparent one is the originality this method offers. Since stop motion animation is not a frequently used method, your video regardless of its content will automatically differentiate itself from other videos. Its rarity is due to its labor intensity. Since each movement needs a frame and there are multiple frames per second it can take a long time to make a short video.

Other primary advantages of stop motion animation include creativity and customisation. Stop motion animation allows you to create whatever world or concept you wish and customise it to exactly what you want. Moreover stop motion animation allows you to easily give movement and character to otherwise bland and inanimate objects. Stop motion animation can take ordinary everyday objects and make them extraordinary

Stop motion animation also creates an emotional connection with the audience which further engages the audience and involves them in your message. This allows stop motion animation to intrigue and engage your audiences. Moreover this makes stop motion animation great for explaining tedious information in a fun and engaging way.  This makes stop motion animation an effective platform for your messages.

Stop motion animation ideas

With so much great opportunity for effective and engaging stop motion ideas, here are just a few of our favourites.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Post-It Stop Motion


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