Get the Best from Studio Location Shoots

30.06.2020 Kartoffel Stuff
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Studio Location Shoots are a great video production space to work in, they are also safe for Covid safe shooting and have several additional benefits.

  • The space is a focused working space, so the talent or leads can focus on the content at hand.
  • It’s free from typical office or external distractions.
  • It often allows for more creative visual approaches
  • It allows for more control over the video content.
  • Studio Backdrops work well with graphics placements.

Studios allow for great flexibility with the Creative

– Getting senior managers or celebrities to allow time at their locations or homes can be a challenge.  By providing a studio you can give them space and time to aim for with a shoot that is flexible to their needs.

– Studio Spaces are hugely flexible and can be used to create mock living or office spaces.

Working with children or animals is always a challenge.  Studio locations allow space for larger teams of clients or participants to view and take part in the production.

Hair and Makeup also can be required in a product. Studio spaces offer a controlled workspace that can better facilitate this.

Sound on set one of the biggest challenges in video production and good sound denotes a high level of production quality.  Studio facilities are often soundproofed and designed especially for sound recording.  Lacking outside location sounds also adds to a better-finished product.

Corporate studio shoots can be used to generate creative films that sell products, inform and engage a client or build your brand.

The versatility of the spaces is pretty much endless. Its only constraint is your creative imagination and yup, your budget.

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