Sustainable Video Production

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are at the core of everything we do at Kartoffel Films. We believe in making the most positive impact that we can at every step of the video production process and every act we take as a company.

From the onset of our creation, we have designed our business model to maximize the use of remote working which has translated into less travel to and from the set for us and our clients,  we have always operated an entirely paperless office.  

We have a streamlined production process, we don’t overproduce.  What is on set for any production is what is needed.  If a production doesn’t need a crane or a makeup artist we won’t add them.  Cutting down on cost and indeed resource consumption.

Shooting a video for an aoo
Shooting a video for an aoo

We donate to The Trillion Trees for every project commissioned.

30% of our work has been for the 3rd sector and has been 20% discounted all while our typical team working hours have rarely exceeded the standard working week in an industry which is notorious for long hours.  

In every action we take as a business we weigh the cost for us and to the world around us aiming to have as positive impact possible on the society and world we live in.

10 years and 2000 productions plus we have a lot of very happy clients, we are still here and feel we have proven it is possible to succeed as an ethical and sustainable business.