Top Tips 2 For Making Great Video Content

10.02.2021 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Want more views? Why not add captions. This will increase the accessibility of your video.

Here are some tips

Make sure you use a easily readable font.

Check your captions on different devices to ensure the correct sizing.

Think of ways you can incorporate your brand into the captions. Whilst still ensuring they are accessible to viewers. 


Scouting location gives you the opportunity to iron out any issues prior to the shoot day.

Be on the lookout for any noise pollution.

Make sure the location owners are happy for you to shoot your video at the time you need it.

Does your location have the required power facilities or will you need a generator.

Even if you don’t have a hard deadline. Have a final deliverable deadline set in stone. It will keep all involved focused and moving forward.

Keep feedback rounds as short possible. Too much time for second guessing can delay and divert productions.

Incorporate buffer times at the outset of any video production schedule. Someone is always going to be off sick or get sidetracked by another project. Having some time accounting for these unknowns is a great way of keeping on track end to end.

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