Top Tips For Making Great Video Content

08.02.2021 Content Strategy
Danielle Clarke
Head of Production

Producing video content that has a consistent visual identity and tone of voice is crucial for building consumer familiarity and confidence in your brand.

Here are some tips

1 – Keep all of your graphic elements in line with your brand guidelines. This includes; nameplates, captions, End Cards.

2 – When scripting your videos make sure they are editorially on brand.

3 –  When thinking of video formats and subject areas for your content, always revert to your brand guidelines and question if this format or subject area fits.

Whether it is a flagship evergreen video or a temporary Instagram story make sure every piece of content you publish has a definable purpose.

1 –  Ask yourself are you making this video to build brand awareness? These videos should feel organically representative of who you are as a company at a nuanced, introductory level.

2 –  Or do you want to further your relationship with existing or potential clients? These videos are known as consideration content and can help to set you apart from your competitors by showing your expertise and value.

3 – Or you might have a product or service and the objective of your video is conversion. A sales focused video that convinces viewers of the legitimacy of your brand.

Not judging a book by its cover sadly does not apply on social platforms, and in video marketing, audiences and search algorithms should know exactly what your video is about, just by looking at your thumbnail.

1 – Feature a person in your thumbnail when you can.

2 – Include the title text in your thumbnail so that users know the subject area of your video.

3 – Avoid using a screenshot from your video for your thumbnail, instead grab some stills during the shoot. The quality will be far more polished and customizable.

Tailoring your video to your audience is key to a ensuring a ROI.

Here are some tips

1 – Produce your video for the social media platform your audience is most likely to discover and watch your video.

2 – Choose a format your audience is most likely to respond to in the context of what your company supplies. For instance, they may prefer watching a vlog for their tech tutorials but would prefer a polished promo for their healthcare products.

3 – Recognise that tip 1 and 2 may change as social attitudes and digital culture evolves.

We hope you found this useful. Please do check out our learning center on our website for more tips to getting your video to the next level.

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