Video Production Tips – Get the Best from your Video

12.05.2021 Video Marketing
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Lighting a scene for your future video is more than just turning on a light switch.  Here are some Top Video Production tips to help you get the best from your video production project.

Don’t shoot with a window behind you.  You don’t want to silhouette your subject

If your primary source of light is a window (off to the side) make sure you think about the time of day you will be filming so you don’t have any inconsistencies in lighting temperatures.

Adding additional lighting to your standard lighting package (if you have the budget) is always a worthwhile investment in creating a more polished look.


How many views from your target audience did it get? Because not every view is created equally. Spend time investigating who is watching you video and putting your efforts into those viewers who are in the market for your product or service.

How much of your video did your viewers watch before dropping off? This is a great indicator to see if your video is holding people’s attention. If it’s not it could be down to the duration or the creative.

What is your Link Click – Through Rate? How many viewers are clicking on links your video provide for further engagement? If you find this number to be below your objectives it may be down to your key messaging throughout the video or CTA.

Don’t let your script go over your max duration. Read and visualise your script playing out on screen whilst timing yourself. Including time for a Call to Action. This should give you a good idea of how long your script is in real time.
Have your key messages next to your script document. This will keep you focused and help you stay on brief.
Video is a visual medium so if you can show information instead of telling information. Always choose the latter.
We hope you found this useful. Please do check out our learning center on our website for more tips to getting your video to the next level.

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