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08.02.2016 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director


What is a case study video? Simply put a case study is an video interview of a person in front of camera where the focus is the person themselves. This is not an interview with an expert but rather the personal story of the particular person.

Still wondering exactly what is a case study video? Well keep reading to find out more about case studies and how to best utilise this valuable video marketing tool.

How to present a case study

How to present a case study can truly vary, and variation is good as it allows your case study film to be different. The most important aspect to keep in mind when thinking on how to present a case study is ensuring that it is authentic and genuine. Do not script a case study; allow the person to speak in their own words. It is fine to offer talking points to the person, but make sure that you allow them to tell their story in a manner of their choosing. This personal touch will ensure that each case study film you do is unique, credible, and compelling.

Video case study

To understand a video case study watch the video above. We made this film for Macmillan Cancer Support as a part of a series of films for their Not Alone Campaign.While the focus of this film is Kate and her cancer journey, it also ties into Macmillan’s greater campaign.This was accomplished by speaking with Kate beforehand and learning how Macmillan Cancer Support impacted her life. We told her about the nature of the Not Alone campaign, and Kate agreed that Macmillan made her feel not so alone. So through a single personal and authentic story we were able to highlight Macmillan’s greater message of their support in the lives of people with cancer and how they are not alone.

Case Studies

A case study is more than an engaging story.  A case study film can be both informative and persuasive as it provides an authentic and genuine glimpse into the work of your charity. It helps audiences understand how that charity impacts people’s lives and how the charity could belong in their own life. This is what makes case studies so engaging and effective. Rather than having a member of the charity explain the charity’s value, the message gets to come directly from the people your charity supports.

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