Why Animation Lasts: A Case for Longevity of Animated Films

05.08.2020 Animation
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

With the global COVID pandemic, many of our clients are very interested in commissioning animation services. This is not surprising, given that there’s no need for in-person recordings, studios, actors, etc. In other words, it’s much easier to produce in times of social distancing. 

However, there are a few other benefits to animation that might be less obvious. It’s for these reasons animated films have been a major pillar in our studio for quite a while now.

Animation doesn’t date

If you shoot real action it’s very likely that something in the shoot will give away when it was taken. Say a particular smart phone model or someone wearing that Zara dress that’s ubiquitous this summer but not to be seen next season. With animation you are in total control and it’s easy to leave out any detail that would date the production in years to come.  We have produced animations which are sevens plus in age still in use by our client still returning that initial investment.

Animation is reusable

If you think of your production of an ongoing project vs. one-off then animation becomes very quickly a strong option, as it’s easy to add new content or to voice-over an existing animation. With real action footage this is also possible, but can be much harder and you’ll have less freedom in recombining material (for instance due to continuity concerns).

It’s also hard to re-shoot and still have everything look like one piece: seasons change, actors age, and even buildings and outside locations get updates. If you commission video, we carefully ensure that all assets are preserved in a ‘raw’ state, so can then be re-used for future edits.

By the way, in our experience, even projects that were considered as one-off by clients at the outset, then were re-edited or extended a quarter or year down the line. So, it’s good business sense to keep this in mind from the outset, even if future edits are not in scope at present.

longevity of animation

Animation can be efficient

We pride ourselves on being on time and on budget for our real action shoots, but in many cases, and in particular during COVID-19, long-lasting animated movies can have the edge when it comes to cost and timelines. We have experienced in-house animators, as well as a global network of freelance animators. We can quickly match an animator to a brief to meet the client’s demand for tone and style. This global approach also allows us to meet tight deadline and budget constraints.

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