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02.11.2021 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

There’s a wealth of video production companies out there when it comes to choosing the right one to work with. Video production companies bring all kinds of technical and marketing expertise to the table, enhancing your content marketing strategy and driving your creative approach to your branding. High-quality video content production is at the core of a video production company’s goals.

Being creative, focused and fast is what we do best. In 9 years, we have produced over 2000 live-action and animated videos for companies in the corporate, medical, education and charity sectors. From small businesses to big brand names, we’ve produced different types of videos for an array of companies. Below, we go into more detail about how we can help your business grow through video.  


Nowadays, showing a human side is just as important for a business as offering quality products and excellent customer service. Clients want to invest in companies that share the same values and ideas as them. Seeing what a business stands for provides a clear insight into how they relate to customers, not just what their services do. Video content has the power to enhance a brand’s character, therefore increasing customer interest. 

Video content significantly strengthens your brand’s connection with current, new and potential employees. Company culture videos reveal the people behind the products your customers love to buy, showing that your employees are valued. Recruitment videos show the type of talent your business wants to attract, simplifying the hiring process, as potential candidates can better visualise themselves as part of your team. Follow this up with onboarding video content, to explain the ins and outs of your company and give new candidates a warm welcome. Finally, instead of long training sessions, use training videos to communicate recent developments and teach new skills to your team at a pace that suits them. 

If you’ve hosted or participated in an awards ceremony, an event video is an excellent way to showcase your company’s achievements. As a result, your clients will see how your company’s work is valued and how you celebrate your success. 

Another video you should consider making is a corporate social responsibility film. These films don’t promote your products and services, but rather your company’s solution to a social issue. For example, you can donate some of your profits to a specific charity or develop sustainable production methods. Your clients will then see how you are actively creating a better world.   

We have worked with companies such as Sage, Paddle and Aramex to boost their content marketing through video.


Have you ever considered how effectively video content can promote your healthcare facilities? We know that your patients want to know everything about where they’re receiving treatment and what they can expect from your team. Video content for the health sector is not just there to engage, educate and inspire audiences. Providing reassurance about the quality of your healthcare is also at the heart of effective promotional video content. Gaining your patients’ trust by alleviating their concerns is the sole purpose of this type of video. 

Do you want to bring health and medical information to the public’s attention? Commercials are an excellent way of delivering this type of content for public health campaigns. Their purpose is to encourage as many people as possible to take their health seriously. Be it to break taboos about various health conditions or inform women on the signs of breast cancer, commercials are great at spreading facts to a large audience. 

Patient case studies are brilliant examples of video content that resonates and empathises with patients. These videos tell a patient’s story about their journey from diagnosis to treatment and finally to recovery. Not only do they provide valuable information for patients going through something similar, but they also powerfully bring medical knowledge to life through human experience. 

Animated video content is ideal for breaking down complicated topics into understandable and digestible chunks of information. They don’t just breathe life into your message through stunning graphics; they also boost knowledge retention by 15%. Animation is the ideal format for explainer videos specifically for this reason.

We have extensive experience in producing videos for the health sector. Our partnerships include Bayer Health, PRA Health and WHO.


There’s more to showcasing an educational establishment than degrees and course material. Student life encompasses academic facilities, research opportunities and student support, to name just a few. With so many higher education institutions to choose from, such additional factors determine the student experience potential candidates want for themselves. Video content helps students picture themselves at your institution. As a university degree is a long-term commitment, students need as many resources as possible to understand the ambience and experience your institution is offering. Video enhances the way your institution reaches out to potential students, showing a human side to academia. 

Student recruitment videos are the best way to engage and connect with your target audience. By having current students at the forefront of your video, prospective students can sense your unique campus culture and see themselves as a part of your student community. Firsthand accounts of what your establishment offers are the most persuasive means of convincing prospective students to enrol. 

Once your students have graduated, it’s important to still keep them involved with your establishment’s activities. Therefore, an alumni engagement film is ideal for connecting with your graduates and seeing their successes unfold.  

Filming lectures has become the norm since the start of the pandemic. Even though some institutions are returning to in-person teaching, these videos and live streams should still be an option for those who can’t physically attend lectures. This incorporates a fun approach to studying at their convenience and makes academic material more accessible.

The educational institutions we have worked with include, The University of Chicago Booth Business School, St George’s University of London, University of Cambridge and Southbank International School.


Video content for charities works exceptionally well in evoking empathy from audiences and encouraging fundraising efforts. This is because they effectively tell a compelling story to elicit an emotive response, making the content more memorable and the charity more recognisable. However, they do serve another purpose – they can also provide information about a charity’s services for those seeking support. At Kartoffel, we know that charities have much tighter budget constraints to work with, which is why we offer a 15% discount on all charity campaigns. 

A charity campaign film drives audiences to actively participate in spreading the word about a charity’s goals. This could be anything from sharing a hashtag on social media to selling merchandise online. Charity campaign films don’t just promote your charity, they also motivate viewers in getting involved with sharing your message. 

Case studies are an excellent way to generate hope and reassurance for those looking for aid and assistance. These are powerful films that tell a compelling story about someone’s journey in coming to terms with a life-changing situation. Viewers going through something similar will see how your organization can support them and be more inclined to reach out to you for assistance. 

Animation is a very effective video format for relaying information about campaigns, advocacy, fundraising, and brand building. Although live-action videos naturally add a human quality, animated video content can be just as relatable and engaging, especially for larger and more informative projects. 

Social media campaigns are hugely important in promoting charities. Content from longer videos can be edited and repurposed into something shorter and snappier, driving viewer figures and increasing shareability. 

“Case studies are powerful films that tell a compelling story about someone’s journey in coming to terms with a life-changing situation.”

Production Process

Before you start up a partnership with a video production company, it’s important to see what they offer and how they work. Here’s a detailed insight into working with us.

Marketing Strategy Analysis

The first step is conducting a marketing strategy analysis. This consists of audience research, competitor analysis, measures, strategy, execution, and a review. We need to know as much as possible about your target audience, marketing goals, and measures you use to analyse performance to formulate a current marketing strategy. 


The pre-production stage is all the preparation for the shoot days. This includes scriptwriting, scouting locations, hiring crew and talent, and organizing any other logistics to make sure the day runs as smoothly as possible. We will then develop a production schedule, ensuring that everyone is clear on the timings and visuals required. 


Once we have everything in place in the pre-production stage, we can start the cameras rolling. We will capture all of the footage you need, including interviews and b-roll so that our editors have more flexibility to chop and change your final video. 

Remote Video Production

We can offer our clients a remote video production service. Pre-production meetings are done via Zoom or Teams calls, followed up by email summaries. On the production day, clients can log into the shoot to remain part of the process. In the editing stages, we can send our clients a Frame.io link, through which they can view the edit and provide feedback.


During the post-production stage, our editors assemble a coherent and logical sequence out of all of the raw footage. They then add any changes detailed in the brief, such as sound, motion graphics, animations, and any other visual effects to create a final, polished video. 


For animated video content, the production process differs slightly, as more detail is required. Using scripts and moodboards, we will communicate the intended style, colour palette, character design and backdrops. This will then be followed by a storyboard to give you a great grasp of the structure, visual storytelling and pacing. The more information our animators have about your project, the more effective your animation will be. 

Social Media Mobile Optimization

Designing videos for social media usage helps you maximise the potential of your video marketing strategy. Here is our five-step approach to creating and producing social media films.


Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. All of the different social media platforms have their particularities when it comes to promoting video content. Think about the social media platform your target audience will most likely view your content to make sure it reaches as far and wide as possible. Once we know this, we can start producing your video content in the ideal video format.

Audience and Messages

Knowing as much as possible about your audience and your key messages will help us engage your viewers more effectively with your content. The first 5 seconds of your video are crucial in capturing your audience’s attention and ensuring that they watch the entire video, especially in the case of social media. A constant stream of content means that your video has to stand out from the crowd.

The Creative

Now we come to the heart of the planning process. We will suggest two alternative creative approaches to help you fully understand what you want your video content to achieve. Both of these approaches will be designed to maximise your ROI.

The Shoot

The scope of your project will indicate the number of cast and crew we will need to recruit for your shoot day. Even for a short social media video, the scope can be larger than expected.

Promote and Measure

By including captions, frame sizing and various other techniques, we can advise on how your video content can gain the most traction, depending on the social media platform you choose.


It’s no denying that video is incredibly powerful in generating leads, increasing shareability, and driving traffic to your website. Here are some of the more popular types of video content that are particularly effective.

Explainer Videos

An explainer video shows and tells what your organization or product does and how your audience can benefit from it. Incorporating a story arc that shows how you solve problems will make your explainer video and branding more memorable.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos showcase who you are as a business and give an overview of your products and services. Your audience gains a better understanding of how you can help them, which, as a result, generates leads and eventually sales.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Who better to promote your business than your long-term and loyal customers? Positive written reviews of your products don’t show the connection you have with your clients and what specific problems they’ve solved. Testimonial videos encompass all of these attributes and build trust with prospective customers.

Animated Marketing Videos

Animated marketing videos relay information about your business, products and services in a succinct and understandable way. Creative graphics are excellent at engaging your audience and simplifying complex information into digestible chunks. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right video production company for your projects is no mean feat. But with Kartoffel Films, you can ensure that your video content is in safe hands. Contact us to find out how we can help your business grow through video. 

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