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We are a specialist video production company based in London. We can cover events in London or internationally. Regardless of the size of the event, our experienced crew will bring your event to life.

Charity Event Films

Whether is a fundraising event or a celebratory event. Events are a great way to reach out to your supporters and beneficiaries in person.

Supplemental films can be used to engage supporters and beneficiaries who are not there on the day and also to promote the event for the following year.


Conference Films

Conference films are a great way of providing a summary of key points from speakers at a conference.

Using vox pop style interviews with conference goers will also add a sense of the engagement at the conference and these act as brief digest of the topics of the conference.


Launch Event Videos

Video’s can be produced as supporting marketing collateral for product and service launch events.

The film to the left was produced for Virgin Atlantic to support their launch of their new Little Red Service. The film was used online an in social media as part of their marketing activities.


Some examples of our films