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Kartoffel Animation is one of the top animation studios in London. Our team has sketched, doodled, scribbled, and digitally designed for some of the UK’s most recognisable and reputable names and organizations, from Age UK to Macmillan Cancer Support.  We’ve created videos on a rainbow of topics from taxes to travel.


Explainer Animation

Animation is a highly effective tool to explain complex messages in an engaging and understandable way. Our full service and results-driven approach will ensure that your film meets all objectives and messaging. We will cover all aspects of the project including concept, scripting, storyboarding, production design, voiceovers, and anything else your animation needs.

St Georges University – Explainer Animation


Vector Animation

Vector animation style delivers a clean, smooth, and dynamic animation.

Our experienced and award-winning animation team will work with you to deliver your message in a clear and engaging way. Vector animation is a great way to share personal stories, tackle difficult subject material and simplify complex information. Whatever your needs, our 2D animation studios in London are at your service.


 Kivu –  Software Product Animation


Creative Concepts

As a part of producing any animation, we will start by producing a set of creative concepts. These will set the visual and content approach of the animated film.  Our approach will be determined by the goals of the project, the audience and the brand. Technically we might decide to take a more hand-drawn approach or vector-based. We might go another route, such as stop motion animation as the sample on this page.

Age UK – Animation Campaign Set


Script Writing

Scriptwriting determines not only what is said but the way your message is received. Kartoffel Films’ experienced team can ensure that your message comes across clearly and engages with your audience.

Age UK – Campaign Animation Set


Animation Storyboards

Storyboards are an essential aspect of pre-production, especially with animation. The storyboard is your chance to control the visual representation of your animation once the concept, script, and style have been decided upon.

Our creative animation team in London uses this step to ensure that the film looks exactly how you want it to.

Mencap – Discretionary Trust


Mixed Format Animation

Animation can also be combined as either graphical elements in live-action or made entirely integral to the film like the sample to the left.

Shot in our London animation studio, the background was pulled away and the client brand elements motion designed into the film. The finished result is highly engaging and was great fun to make.

Action for Children – Fair by Four Campaign


Animation Studio - Our Work

Over 2 millions views

Over 1k hours watch time

200 Animations Made

1000's of Shares Online


Are you thinking of making an animation with an animation studio?

Kartoffel has been one of London’s leading animation studio’s for the last decade.  Producing dozens of bespoke high-quality animations for a range of clients and sectors.

Animations are a great medium for several reasons. They are malleable – you can make pretty much anything with them and fully represent your brand.  They are hugely cost-effective as they last for years and have excellent ROI. They are accessible and great for explaining complex concepts.


What types of animation styles can we produce?


We can make pretty much any style. We have a network of 600+ collaborators with a large animation component that covers a vast array of styles.


How long does an animation take to produce?


We can make about 30 seconds of animation per day.  Once you factor in lead time, writing, storyboards, the voice-over and sound design, it tends to take about 2-4 weeks.  Most of that time is usually feedback time for our clients.


Who typically commissions animation projects?


Animation works very well across a variety of sectors, including Healthcare, Charity, Education, and Business.   There is no specific sector that commissions more as it works well for so many uses.


What are the costs of making an animation?


Costs for an animation start at about £3500 for 2-3 minutes of animation. It really depends on the project and its needs.

There are 5 key steps to producing animation with an animation studio.

Step 1 – animation script


We will produce a script for the animation outlining the spoken content and also the planned animation elements.  We work with a team of scriptwriters who can write content in a variety of tones and styles to meet the needs of a production.  A good well-written script is the base of great animation.

Step 2 – animation style


We will suggest a set of animated styles to design the animation.  Animation styles can range from simple vector animation to more hand-drawn animation through to complex 3d animation.  Using a style that is appropriate to your organisations brand and values will help communicate those branding guides.

Step 3 – storyboard


A storyboard will be produced of the various scenes in the animation.  Storyboards are a scene-by visual description of what will be actually seen on screen.  They are particularly useful with organizations where there is a lot of internal stakeholders allowing the team to jointly visualize the animation as they will be able to see the outcome of the animation’s visual design and its scripts.

Step 4 – animation and voice over


We will produce the animation with a remotely recorded voice-over.  The voice-over is typically provided by a trained voice-over artist but we can also use your own team members.  The actual voice recording session our clients can call into to listen and guide tone and pronunciation which can be very important with productions that are very technical in nature such as health animations.

Step 5 – sound design – finalize the animation


We will finalize the animation and add sound design and deliver it as needed.  The last step in the animation process is a bit of tweaking based on the last round of client feedback and also a little magic.   The sound design in animation is often what helps it come to life, its the blips and blops, doors opening and closing, engines starting and planes zooming by.  Good sound design you would barely notice as it feels so natural to the creative.  The absence of it will stand out.  A great music track will also add production value to animation, this can be inline with the style of the animation and also the client’s brand.


Benefits of Producing an Animation


Animation has a great return

Animation lasts. We have produced animation for clients which are still in use and returning investment to them several years later. The cost of animation over live-action is not significantly different but the long-term benefits are due to the simple fact that animation does not date.


Animation in malleable

Animation can be made into pretty much anything in reason. It can be tailored perfectly to your brand identity, values, tone of voice, and personality. It can be made in multiple lengths with ease. It can be tailored to the needs and consumption of your audience. It can be made more accessible for your audience both in terms of ease of access and also interim of catering to an audience with a variety of disabilities.


Animation works well in social media

Animation is inherently a visually eye-catching medium. This works very well indeed on social media and with or without audio so it will also work well on mobile devices. As such its has the potential to give high levels of return in today’s marketing activities.


Benefits of Working with the Kartoffel Animation Studio


Animation Studios Can Scale

If you are looking to produce a series of animations working with the Kartoffel Films animation studio ensure that not only can we make great bespoke animation to meet your needs we have access to dozens of animation creatives via the Kartoffel Film Network.  This means we can scale a project as needed and choose from a variety of approaches and styles.

Consistent Communication

Our animation studios team of animation producers will act as your point of contact throughout the project ensuring seamless communication and great production management.  They will help guide you through the production process from the beginning to the final delivery of the animation.

Content Strategy

Our in-house team have experience in not just guiding the production of a bespoke animation of also planning and implementing a video content strategy.  This experience ensures that any animation content we produce is results-driven.


We Make Great Branded Content

Creatively lead, we bring our collective creative experience to every project big or small.  Our Focused highly responsive production process ensures your content is made to the highest quality.  We are super fast and will turn around projects with surprisingly short schedules.

Our unique combination of  Creative experience, Focused production, and speed will ensure your content is engaging your audience while the conversation is still happening.

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