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Kartoffel films are a video marketing agency with substantial experience in the production of video content for a variety of organizations, from corporations to educational institutes and charities. We are a full-service video production company, meaning we offer the full gamut of video production services required in the making of video production.

As a part of our video production process, we offer consultancy on the organization of your video content strategy 

We are a specialist video marketing agency. We work with a variety of clients from around the world, through the entire video production process. This includes planning, creative idea generation, scripting, full video production and post-production. 

If you have a project in mind, please do get in touch with our agency. We would love to help.

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Video styles we can produce

Brand and Promotional Film

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Royal Brompton – Promotional Branding Film

Brand video produced for Royal Brompton and Harefield hospital to show their amazing facilities and build a brand with their users. Health marketing video is inherently based on building trust, and video is a great tool to achieve this.

Tech App Brand Film

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Paddle App – Branding Film

Produced for Paddle the app support company. The film highlights the challenges their users have experienced and how the Paddle systems help find solutions.

Educational Brand Film

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University of Chicago Booth  – Branding Film

Branding film to help support the University of Chicago Booth in their engagement with the University’s alumni. Shot around the world on their various global campuses.

Brand Campaign Film

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Amnesty International – Branding Film

A rapid turnaround production shot in a London studio. The branding film was shown in 14 marketing campaigns and was also designed to work across 5 languages.

Typical Components of Brand Films.

There are several ingredients in the production of a great brand film. We have outlined these below:

  • A solid video content strategy is always a great point to start.  Once we know your organization’s objectives and goals, we can implement this in the creative design of the video project;
  • What are the values and characteristics of your brand?  Your brand personality will also help us better define a creative vision;
  • Great creative. A focused creative approach that is built on your organization’s strategy will help drive real results from your video production project;
  • Once the creative has been defined, we will move to the more logistical elements. This is the video pre-production, production, and post-production process. A solid project plan will be defined, outlining the various stages in the production of the brand film;
  • Actors or talent might be required on set. Using people in brand films can help to resonate with your audience and help further drive the result from the brand film;
  • Highly crafted visual cues will set the narrative of a brand film and context for your audience;
  • Once the project has been shot, the addition of a soundtrack and sound design will add that special touch to your brand film. Sound design can be often overlooked in video production, but it does add real value to the production.

Build Affinity

Increase Reach

Drive Sales

Increase Resonance

Benefits of Producing a Brand Film

Branded video content generates better returns

A website with video content has substantially higher and more successful metrics than those without. These include lower bounce rates, higher backlinks, higher traffic, and even increases in sales. Video also has the benefit of being entirely accessible to people on a variety of devices but also with a variety of disabilities.

Video helps to build brand awareness

Attention rates on video are reducing, with the average duration of video being produced constantly dropping and significant fall-offs in metrics after the first 15 – 30 seconds. Users are not just used to having video on site. It’s expected that they’ll quickly gain awareness of your service or product. Video used in this context and setting is great to build brand recognition in a way that writing content simply can’t, putting a face and personality on your organization.

Brilliant video metrics

Brand films have great metrics. A lot of brand building can be a bit hit and miss as metrics tend to be more qualitative, which can be subjective in interpretations. Video has really strong qualitative and quantitative metrics, which will allow you to better guide your video content and home in on that marketing sweet spot. Typical metrics include video drop points, play rate, engagement, view count, video shares, comments on video pages, video heat maps and in the end, leads generated.

Considerations of Producing a Brand Film

Before launching any video project, several considerations should be taken into account. Doing so will ensure that the best video production project is procured from the brief. We will work with you for the onset of a project to ensure that the video content hits all the targets in your marketing plan.

Line up your stakeholders, so there is consistency in the feedback to the production agency. Having a single point of contact on the production team and also the client-side will ensure that communication in both directions is focused and more efficient.

Outline a budget range from the onset of the production. Knowing the budget of a film will help the video agency guide you in the creative for the project. These days, the creative often will not require a large budget as technology has become more accessible, but the additional kit will add to the budget. Knowing what budget is available will ensure that outcome is optimal.

Do you have a music style in mind for the projection? We have access to several music libraries with thousands of tracks for every conceivable style and video duration.

The key purpose of a brand film is to raise awareness of your brand, whereas product videos are more focused on sales. It’s more ideal to separate the two types of products that you require.

Looking to other brands that you might take inspiration from can help in focusing on how you want to convey your brand’s image, values, and personality. These might be in the same sector or from another sector altogether.

If there are any specific challenges that you face in your marketing, a brand film can be used to help tackle those. It’s important to outline these challenges to the video content agency you are working with.

We are a full-service video agency and can help guide you through the production process, ensuring you get the best possible video solution for your needs.

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