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At Kartoffel Films we have rich experience in charity video production. We’ve produced content for some of the most recognisable charities in the UK, including Macmillan Cancer Support, Action for Children, Breast Cancer Care, Age UK, and Amnesty International.
What’s more, we offer a 15 per cent discount on all the charity campaigns we produce, meaning your budget can go even further.

We are leaders in the production of video and animation content for the 3rd sector, some of our case studies are below.

Charity Campaign Film

The Smear Test Campaign we produced for Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.  The films were shot over two days in the studio with the support of celebrities Mandip Gill, Tamsin Greig, Nikki Amuka-Bird and Rachel Riley.  The campaign was designed from the ground for use on social media with multiple cuts and also a rich visual design that worked excellently on Instagram and Facebook.

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust – Smear Test


Charity Promotional Video

Turned around from concept to production and delivery in just under 4 weeks.  This campaign was designed to be shown in 14 markets and online as a part of the Write for Rights Campaign.  Designed to work without sound and a great example of visual storytelling with a solid empathetic impact.

Amnesty International – Write for Wrights


Case Study Films

In 2015 we were commissioned by Macmillan Cancer Support to produce a set of case study films that would act as additional video collateral or for their Not Alone Campaign. 4 years on, the set is still highly effective, clocking hundreds of thousands of views.

Macmillan Cancer Support- Not Alone


Charity Animation

Animation is a very effective way of relaying information, whether that be for campaigns, advocacy, fundraising or brand building. It has the benefit of being tailorable to a very finite level. You can control every aspect of the project, from the script to the voice over to the visuals.

 SAFFA – Mentoring 


Social Media Campaign

Produced for Auction for Children we created a campaign of 6 films, each designed to convey a core message of the campaign.  Using the Action for Children brand and graphic elements, we produced a campaign that was both centred around the brand and playfully engaging the core beneficiaries of the brand which are the children themselves.

Action for Children – Fair by Four Charity Campaign


Online Charity Campaign

Using a series of case studies, we created a campaign film to support the Royal British Legion’s Remembrance campaign activities. Each of our interviews was shot as vignettes, visually telling the stories conveyed by the interviewees in their own words.  The films were also designed from the ground up to act as social media films with each vignette cut into a stand-alone film, designed to carry a key message on Facebook and Instagram.

Royal British Legion – Remembrance 2019


Case Study Films

Film campaign produced for Age UK to support its Care in Crisis Campaign. A multiple case study, social and an overarching film were produced as part of the campaign.

Age UK – Why Call it Care


Charity Films

500 Charity Films Made

Fundraising Films

Branding Films

Case Study Films


What are the Benefits of Charity Video Production and Animation to the Charity Sector?


– Empathy

The key to getting people to share video content is to stir up emotions in viewers, whether that’s hope, surprise, astonishment, empathy or the ambition to be a better person. There’s no charity that we know of that doesn’t have an emotional story to tell. Therefore, of all the organizations out there, fighting for their five minutes of fame, charities have the best chance of creating videos that go viral.

– Time

A two-minute video for a charity can get across as much information as there is in a thousand-word article or blog post. Often, even more. They’re the modern-day equivalent of handing out flyers on the high street, only they can get across so many more facts than a piece of A3 paper.

– Accessibility

Video and animation have the benefit of being highly accessible to people with a variety of disabilities, be they hearing, sight or learning difficulties.  Subtitles can be generated with text files to also provide further access.

– Reach

Whether your goal is to raise awareness, inspire action, motivate dialogue, build public support and advocacy or showcase case studies and success stories, video and animation have the benefit of being able to work across many platforms. It can be used in commercials, presentations, on-site, social media and more. It also better engages your audience, allowing them to also promote your video content.

– Return on Investment

Animations are ideal for when you want to explain complicated concepts, bring slightly less compelling content to life, or add an element of fantasy to your campaigns.  They also have the benefit of not ageing.  We have produced animations and also films which are still returning investment to our 3rd sector clients nearly a decade later.

– Engagement

Done right, a charity fundraising film works in the same way as the collection tin. Except video has the potential to rattle in front of millions of online viewers on social media sites, and not just for a handful of passers-by on the high street.  Used as a tool to engage fundraisers or events, film and animation can further activate a support base and engage them more with a cause.

– Information Provision

Informational videos can be used to educate, bring complex research findings to light, or bring the content of a white paper or report to life.

How Does the Charity Video Production Process Work?


There are 3 key stages to a video for the charity sector.  As a part of working with Kartoffel Films, you will be assigned a video producer to act as a project lead on our side for the life of the project, ensuring continuous communication and project management.

1. Pre-Production

This the initial part of a project where we will set the style, the creative, and the overarching video approach.  We will also plan the logistics for the shoot. We have shot up and down the UK and are fully flexible with locations and crew provisions.

2. Video Production

The video production stage is essentially the shoot.  The Kartoffel crew will be on set to ensure that every aspect of the brief and its creative design are produced to the highest video production standards. We will liaise with you throughout the process, ensuring that you are an integral part of the outcome.

3. Video Post-Production

The post-production process is essentially the edit where the creative and the shoot come together to be edited into a seamless film.  Once a film is complete we can deliver it in virtually any needed format.

How much does a charity video cost?

Charity Case Study Film

Typical costs for a charity case study film range from £2500  to £4500 depending on the number of shoot days we need to use our charity videographers for.  All our costs are agreed upon upfront and will not change unless there is a change in the scope of a charity production.

Charity Brand Films

Branding films for the Charity sector range from £6000 to £20,000 depending on the creative approach and whether they will be used for broadcast, which can increase costs slightly.

Charity Campaign Films

Charity campaign films can range from £4000 to £7000 depending on the creative approach and the video production resources needed to complete the project.


We Make Great Branded Content

Creatively lead, we bring our collective creative experience to every project big or small.  Our Focused highly responsive production process ensures your content is made to the highest quality.  We are super fast and will turn around projects with surprisingly short schedules.

Our unique combination of  Creative experience, Focused production, and speed will ensure your content is engaging your audience while the conversation is still happening.

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