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At Kartoffel Films we have substantive experience in producing commercial video productions.  We provide an end-to-end video production service with a ley production lead who will guide your video production for the duration of the commercials project.  Our commercial video production work has been shown in multiple markets and languages.  


We have a full roster of 600 video production professionals, including commercial videographers, directors, producers, designers, editors, and animators in markets around the globe.  We are very happy to work directly with end clients or through another agency. With over 10 years of experience in all aspects of the video production process, we also offer creative concepts and strategy as a part of our commercial production services.


Our commercial for Bayer featuring Harry Redknapp has received mutual awards in recognition of its production values, creative design, and effect.


Brand commercials: Kartoffel Films can work with you on everything from the concept to the final edit of your brand commercial, with everything from the set build to the voice-over recordings taken care of in between.


Location-based commercial production: Want to film your commercial ad on location? No problem. We’ll ensure things run as smoothly as they would if we were filming your footage outside the backdoor of our production company in London.


Animation can turn a commercial on a dry topic such as window cleaning or MOTs into something infinitely more memorable. Take your pick from a range of techniques – from 2D and 3D animation to hand-drawn cell animation. Our team will work with you on everything from the storyboard to the voiceovers.


Commercials Production Design

Whatever your project needs are, we can answer them.
We provide full design services for commercials, including casting, script, concept development, location scouting, DR, DOP, and editing as needed.


Bayer – Low Testosterone Commerical


Studio Shot Commercial Video Production

We provide full-service video production for any scale of project from short, corporate films to large-scaled commercials.

Paddle – App Commerical


Commercial Animation

We provide full broadcast level animation and motion design services. These include design elements, mood boards, storyboards, animation and delivery as needed. Our animated work has won awards for its visual design and clarity.

St Georges University – Animated Commerical


Creative Concepts

Over the last decade, Kartoffel has worked on many dozens of productions – ranging from the execution of a concept to developing a concept from the onset.

Produced for Amnesty International we co-developed a concept and then executed the production. The commercial was shown in 14 markets.

Amnesty International  – Multi Country Commerical


FacilitIes and Resources

On-site in our studio we have 8 edit suites and a full production team. Off-site we work with 600 professionals from various skill sets that scale up to the needs of any video or animation project.


Commercial Video Production

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Empower your brand’s success with Kartoffel Films. Our expert, award-winning, and consultative approach delivers results for all projects through impactful and effective content creation.


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