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Hi there! We’re Kartoffel Films, a London-based animation production company with a passion for bringing ideas to life through motion graphics. We work with a wide range of clients across sectors and industries, delivering high-quality animations that captivate and engage their audiences.

We offer a full-service animation production experience, meaning that we handle all aspects of the animation production process. Whether it’s a charity animation, an educational film, a company promo, or any other form of animated content, our in-house team of animators and motion graphics artists will create animations that enhance your brand and achieve your business objectives.

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Kivu – explainer animation

Animated explainer film produced for a cybersecurity firm outlining the product and its benefit to the users and potential users. Concept, script, and animation produced by our in-house team.

App Explainer Film

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Paddle App Company  – Tech Explainer Film

Explainer film produced for Paddle, the app development support company. The film was designed with a problem and solution format, involving mixed animations and testimonials from existing clients.

Explainer Charity Film

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Big Deal – Charity Explainer Film

Charity film produced for a UK charity that supports people affected by gambling addiction.

Explainer Video Production Explained.

Explainer videos are a type of content that helps educate and inform customers about a product or service. They can be animated or feature talking heads, and may include a voice-over for additional explanation.

If there is a large amount of information to be conveyed, the content may be divided into a series of shorter films. In this case, it may be more effective to utilize a bulk shooting approach, where several films can be shot in a studio setting over the course of a few days, with talent delivering the content.

Our company has previous experience with producing a large number of explainer videos in this manner.

Uses for explainer videos

Help Content: Explainer videos are useful in providing customer information in video format. They can be simple films showcasing the usage of your app or services and can be in the form of short snippet films or long-form designs.

Explainer Videos on Social Media: Creating a series of short explainer videos specifically for social media platforms is a great way to reach your audience where they consume content. These short-form films can highlight a single feature or point of information in video or animation format.

Information Provision: Explainer videos can be used to effectively explain changes in a system or process, such as a job application form or process. This can aid in the completion of an application or sales query.

Benefits of explainer videos

Accessibility:Explainer videos are highly accessible to people with various disabilities and allow them to start, stop and watch the film at their own pace, making them useful for explaining systems or processes.

Reach: Explainer videos, in video or animated format, can be viewed on a mobile device or any social media platform, significantly increasing the reach of your explainer video.

Return on Investment: Explainer videos can help increase sales, engagement, and brand awareness and have a long-lasting impact, resulting in a great return on investment.

Malleability: With animation or video, you have the flexibility to tailor the media to your needs, which is great for reinforcing your organization’s brand identity and tone of voice.

The team of creative producers at Kartoffel Films creates high-quality content, bringing their expertise to every project. With a highly responsive production process, they

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