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Kartoffel Films is an explainer video production company with headquarters in London. We work with a range of clients across sectors and industries, producing great explainer videos to meet their briefs and engage their audiences.

We are a full-service explainer video production company, which means that we provide all of the video production services needed to produce great explainer videos that drive real results.


Whether it’s a charity animation, an educational film, a company promotional film or any form of video marketing or branded content, our in-house team of video producers and filmmakers will produce video content that drives your brand and answers your business needs.


As a part of engaging with our services, we offer a full video content strategy as a starting point for any project. This ensures that the explainer videos made are not only great films but also that they are working to deliver a defined goal and truly meet the business needs or of our clients and partners.


If you are looking to produce an explainer film please check out our blog giving more information on explainer video production.


Explainer Video Production Explained


Approach and style


Explainer videos are typically designed to provide information and help to existing and potential customers. This might, for example, be explaining the dynamics of an online product or service. A typical example would fall into the hygiene category of content in line with the Hero, Hub, Hygiene content strategy model. This type of content is not really designed to promote brand awareness or a pure marketing goal but rather to educate and inform your audience about a product or service.


Explainer content design


There are several routes to take with the production planning for an explainer film. They can be an animated explainer or a talking heads explainer. The content can be delivered by talent or it can be a mix of the above, with or without a voice-over.


Bulk shooting


Sometimes if there is a large quantity of information to be conveyed, this might be better to break the production down into a series of films, which can be short or long in format. Utilising a bulk shooting approach in this instance can be the most effective approach. Shot in a potential studio setting with talent to deliver the content, several films can be shot in a day depending on the duration. We have in the past produced as many as 60 short films in a studio setting over the course of a few days’ shoot.


Below are examples of explainer video productions that we have made here.

Explainer Animation

Animated explainer film produced for a cybersecurity firm outlining the product and its benefit to the users and potential users. Concept, script, and animation produced by our in-house team.
Kivu – explainer animation


Explainer Charity Film

Charity film produced for a UK charity that supports people affected by gambling addiction.

Big Deal – Charity Explainer Film


App Explainer Film

Explainer film produced for Paddle, the app development support company. The film was designed with a problem and solution format, involving mixed animations and testimonials from existing clients.

Paddle App Company  – Tech Explainer Film


Uses for explainer videos


Help content

Explainer videos are great at supporting and providing customer information in film format. These can be simple films linking the use of your app or services. They can be short snippet films or more long-form in design.

Explainer videos on social media

Creating a series of short explainer videos specifically designed for social media is a great way to reach your audience base where they are consuming content. Piecemeal short-form films can highlight a single feature or point of information in video or animation form.

Information provision using explainer videos

Explainer films can be used to great effect to explain the change in a system or process. This might be, for example, a job application form or process. The effect of such a film can be to aid the completion of an application process or even a sales query.


Benefits of explainer videos



Explainer videos are highly accessible to people with a variety of disabilities. They allow people to start and stop the film and watch it at their own pace. This can be very useful for any explainer videos designed to explain the use of a system or process.

Explainer videos have great reach

As they are based in video or animated format, they have the ability to be viewed on a mobile device in any location or any social media platform. This significantly enhances your explainer video reach.

Explainer videos have a great return on investment

Explainer videos can help increase sales, increase user engagement and, by their effect, drive brand awareness. They also last, so that return on investment can keep going for years, depending on the subject of the explainer film.

Explainer videos are malleable

With animation or video, you can be flexible with the media you choose, which means you can tailor an explainer film to look and sound as you need. This is great for replaying your organization’s brand identity and tone of voice.

We Make Great Branded Content

Creatively lead, we bring our collective creative experience to every project big or small.  Our Focused highly responsive production process ensures your content is made to the highest quality.  We are super fast and will turn around projects with surprisingly short schedules.

Our unique combination of  Creative experience, Focused production, and speed will ensure your content is engaging your audience while the conversation is still happening.

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