Medical Video Production

Engage, Educate, Inspire Your Audience

We are fiercely passionate about working with organizations in the health and medical arena to produce videos and animations that matter.

In fact, our healthcare video production team has created more than 700 films to date, working with leaders in the sector including; The World Health Organisation, UCL, GSK, Abbott and Bayer to help them engage, educate and inspire their audience.

We offer full video content services from beginning to end. We can provide a free content audit and video strategy as a part of our service.


Health Animation

Medical and health-related animation is a great way of conveying complex information to either patients or medical professionals.  It has the benefit of being tailorable to a very exact level, which can be amended as needed to meet any platform requirements.

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust – HPV – Health Information Animation.



Medical Health Public Campaigns

Commercials are an excellent means of delivering health and medical information for campaigns.  We have a full bespoke production service from creative to casting, to locations and post-production, which can meet the needs of any production.

Bayer Health – Testosterone Deficiency Men’s Heath Campaign


Patient Case Studies

Patient case studies are an excellent way of providing not only health information to your users but also empathy and resonance.  When dealing with sensitive subject matters they are a powerful way of bringing medical or health information to life through human experience.

Macmillan Cancer Support – Patient Case Studies – Heath Campaign.


Medical Training

Medical training films have the benefit of not only being tailorable to a very fine level, but they can also be cast and scripted to meet the needs of any project.  We are a full-service production company, specialists in the health sector, we can script, source location, actors and directors and deliver high-end medical training video productions.

Abbot – Paediatrician Support – Health Training Film


Health Information

Video and animation can be combined to bring what can quite complete information to life in a way that is easily digestible and resonates with the audience.

We are experienced in designing films and animations within the regulations of the sector.

WHO – HIV  Drug Resistance Report – Heath Campaign.


Health Communication Films

Video can be used to great effect to communicate with both your internal and external stakeholders and partners. It helps to put a real face and personality on your organization.

Roche Health – Meet Your Team


Promotional Video For Health Facilities

Using video to promote health and medical facilities will add trust and credence to your organization’s marketing.  It also has the effect of allaying the fear of patients and their carers so when they come in for treatment they are more at ease.  It can also help put a face on your organization by allowing the audience to see the team they will be supported by.

Beneden Private Hospital – Medical Promo


Our Health Video Production

Over 700 Healthcare Projects

6 Awards

2 Million Plus Views

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Are you thinking of making a video to use in Healthcare?


Health video content is a great way of informing patients on a variety of topics. It’s also a great way of showing the human story behind a condition.

What types of organizations make video content?


Video content can be used by a variety of organizations, including hospitals, health trusts, health charities, and private practices.

Why do health providers make films?


Video content is a very effective way of providing information in a way that is accessible, memorable and can be placed in a number of locations.

What types of healthcare films can you make?


We have made a range of film types, case studies, training films, commercials, patient journey films and more.

What are the costs of making a Health video?


Costs for video health video production start at about £2500 for film, £3500 for an animation and £10000 for a commercial. It really depends on the project and its needs.

We Make Great Branded Content

Creatively lead, we bring our collective creative experience to every project big or small.  Our Focused highly responsive production process ensures your content is made to the highest quality.  We are super fast and will turn around projects with surprisingly short schedules.

Our unique combination of  Creative experience, Focused production, and speed will ensure your content is engaging your audience while the conversation is still happening.

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