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Kartoffel films was founded early 2012 by Eoin.  The company was founded on the belief that at the time video production was often over produced with excessive labour, process and kit.  We believed that not only could video be made for less budget and resources but in fact the outcome would be more focused creative and also it would be faster to produce.

We also believe that remote working patterns and its associated technology, whether that be google docs or video conferencing, would streamline collaborative creative processes allowing more nimble teams, great flexibility and improved experiences for our clients. 9 years on and 2000 productions plus and a lot of very happy clients our model seems to have been proven, its now a model increasingly embraced in the rest of the sector.

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Our People

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Our People

We’ve been fortunate to have talented individuals join our team over the years. We put effort into finding the right fit for our team, who are responsive, knowledgeable about our clients’ needs, skilled, and friendly.

Over the years, the company has stayed true to its values of doing good in the world we live in, sustainability and looking out for our people ensuring a great value work-life balance with a happy team

Many of our alumni have gone on to leadership positions at companies such as the BBC, Netflix, RADA, Disney, and more. They are the backbone of our company.

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Our Ethos

Our Ethos

Our Ethos, Creative. Focused. Fast.

Our company’s foundation and model form the heart of who we are. We’re a creative bunch, putting our passion and experience into every project.

Our streamlined process and remote work model allow us to focus on delivering high-quality productions and an exceptional client experience.

We never compromise on quality or client service. Our unique combination of expertise, process, and approach sets us apart and is reflected in our award-winning work, long-standing client partnerships, and successful results for our clients.

Our clients are always sure of an experience that is responsive, simple to engage, and also enjoyable.

Our Journey

Our Journey

Our Journey Since 2012

Kartoffel Films was started in 2012 by Eoin with a fresh idea: video production could be made better with less fuss and more creativity. By using technology for remote work, the team could work more efficiently and make clients even happier.

With a track record of 3000 successful productions and happy clients, Kartoffel’s approach is now a popular one in the video production world.

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“Kartoffel Films was very easy to work with and responsive to any of our requests.”


“Their simple and friendly approach is the best part about working with them.”


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