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Marketing video production can help promote your business, grow your audience and increase sales.

Using video in your marketing strategy is now key. 80% of all online content is predicted to be video.  Audiences have become used to video and its absence from a site or campaign is now unusual.   Video increases transactions, generates leads and drives traffic to sites. It works across a variety of platforms and it’s shareable.

Video styles we can produce


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Paddle – Explainer Brand Film

Put simply, explainer videos show and tell what your organization or product does and how it can benefit your audience. Using a creative approach will increase the return on such content, engaging your audience more and increasing the resonance of the media.

Using a story arc with a problem and the solution your company can provide will also make the film more memorable and will allow your audience to better identify the benefit to them of the product.

Brand Promotion

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Net Jets – Corporate Promotional Film

Creating a promotional brand film can help to showcase who you are as a business and give an overview of your culture.

This will help to engage prospective clients in your your brand which in turn should help drive leads and sales.


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Sage Corporate Testimonial

Using video to engage your users is a great part of any video marketing content strategy.

Producing video content as a part of a marketing campaign that is not necessarily focused on your brand or product but rather is providing useful information to your audience can engage and enrich your brand conversation with that audience.


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LightSpeed Testimonial Films

Real people who can give an overview of their experience of working with your organization are a great way of informing your audience and also building trust in your services.


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Cudos – Aniamted Marketing Film

Using animated video as a part of a video marketing strategy can be hugely effective in relaying the befits of your organization’s offering in a succinct and easily understandable way.

Social Media

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Middlesex University  – Social Media Campaign

Video or animated marketing content that has been designed specifically for social media video and viewing on mobile platforms has far greater reach and viral portent than video content that has not been designed from the ground up to work in social media.  As a video production company, all our video marketing content we approach first from the point of view of usage on social media.

Video Marketing Strategy.

Kartoffel Films works in a consultative style with our clients to create a video marketing strategy that will drive real results, increasing sales, driving brand recognition, and engaging users.

We have produced marketing video productions for apps such as Paddle, and promotional marketing films for Salesforce and other tech companies.

Increase Traffic

Increase Sales

Increase Your Reach

Get Heard

Are you thinking of making a marketing video?

Video or animation is a great asset to have in a marketing campaign.  It can increase the reach and effect of a campaign and also help to put a face on your business.

A 2-minute video production with a single-day shoot can be turned around pretty quickly.  Lead time will help with defining the creative and improve the outcome for the project.  Typically we see end-to-end productions ranging from 1 week to 3 weeks.  Most of that time is usually feedback time for our clients.

Video works very well across a variety of sectors, including HealthCareCharityEducation, and Business.

Costs for a video production start at about £2000 for 2 – 3 minutes explainer films. It really depends on the project and its needs.

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