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Using Video in your marketing strategy is now key.  80% of all online content is predicted to be video.  Audiences have become used to video and its absence from a site or campaign is now unusual.   Video increases transaction, generate leads, and traffic to sites.   It works across a variety of platforms and it’s shareable.

There are several types of video that can be used as a part of a marketing campaign.

Explainer Video's

Explainer Animations simply put, show, and tell what your organization or product does and how it can benefit your audience.  Using a creative approach will increase the return on such content, engaging your audience more and increasing the resonance of the media.

Using a story arch with a problem and the solution your company can provide will also make the film more memorable and will allow your audience to better identify the benefit to them of the product.


Promotion Brand Film

Creating a promotional brand film can help to showcase who you are as a business and give an overview of your culture.

This will help to engage prospective clients in your your brand which in turn should help drive leads and sales.



Using video to engage your users is a great part of any video marketing content strategy.

Producing video content as a part of a marketing campaign that is not necessarily focused on your brand or product but rather is providing useful information to your audience can engage and enrich your brand conversation with that audience.


Using Video in Your Marketing

Increase Traffic

Increase Sales

Increase Your Reach

Get Heard

How We Make Great Content

Creatively lead, we bring our collective creative experience to every project big or small.  Our Focused highly responsive production process ensures your content is made to the highest quality.  We are super fast and will turn around projects with surprisingly short schedules.

Our unique combination of  Creative experience, Focused production, and speed will ensure your content is engaging your audience while the conversation is still happening.

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