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You’ll find references to training video production all over the Kartoffel Films website. It’s one of our fortes and our talented team produce everything from business training videos to healthcare training films.  Read more

Why video training?

Cost: It’s thought that organisations can save between 50 and 70 per cent of their costs when they replace instructor-based training with video learning. Big guns Microsoft managed to tighten their training budget by a huge $303 per person when the shifted from classroom-based training to video training.

Fast deployment potential: Once your training video is edited and ready, it can be sent out to viewers across the country within the hour thanks to the likes of cloud technology.

Accessibility: Not only does video training material have the potential to be available 24 hours a day, it can also be accessed in multiple locations. Everywhere from a coffee shop to the commuter train becomes a classroom when you offer video training materials.

Our top training video production services

Corporate training

Corporate training videos can be used for a spectrum of helpful purposes. The can be used by human resources departments to help induct new starters into a company. They can be used to teach staff key business skills, from how to excel at delivering a webinar to how to produce a knock-out presentation. They can help keep staff safe by delivering top-up training on issues like cyber security and hazards in the workplace.  Plus, they can be used to help staff step into the next stage of their career by teaching leadership and management skills.

Healthcare training

Video has the potential to make complex topics infinitely more understandable. Thanks to post-production technology, diagrams and words can be added to live footage to aid explanations, and actors can be brought in to act out example situations, so audiences can see how the things they’re being trained on might pan out in the real world.

Training videos are also ideal for demonstrating how equipment works. Plus, they can be watched and re-watched to narrow margins of error.

Training in the education sector

Kartoffel Films have extensive experience in the education sector, having produced films for elite institutions such as The University of Cambridge and UCL. Our portfolio features everything from lecture videos to alumni-focussed films.

Why Kartoffel?

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Our streamlined novel production model is designed to work entirely remotely so our clients never need to set foot on set.

In 9 years our producers and creatives have made over 2000 films and animation projects. We know how to make video work for our clients.

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