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At Kartoffel Films, we believe that training videos are a dynamic and effective tool for fostering learning and engagement within your teams. With the power to illustrate concepts, host entire training sessions, and even celebrate company events, these videos help to standardize communication and ensure consistency and clarity. Whether it’s through the use of animation for complex ideas, or live-action to convey more human topics, such as company culture and thought leadership, we’ve got you covered.

Our full-service video production experience makes creating your training video a breeze. From creative development to post-production, we’ll guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your training video exceeds your expectations. By filming sessions once and delivering the same content to new employees or teams, training videos offer an efficient way to train and inform. So why wait? Contact us today and see why our clients keep coming back for more!

Training Video styles we can produce

Web Training Videos

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W3C – Set of 20 training films

Training films are an effective method for informing, engaging and teaching. A video is highly effective at breaking down concepts into understandable and digestible parts.

Kartoffel Films has extensive experience in creating professional and innovative training films that engage audiences. Our award-winning and experienced crews will work with you to ensure that all key information and messaging is communicated.

Health Training Films

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Macmillan Cancer Support – HCP Training Films

Health training films are videos used to educate people about health and wellness. Topics can range from basic health education to disease prevention and treatment, and lifestyle habits. They can be used in various settings such as schools, workplaces, and healthcare facilities and aim to provide accurate information to help individuals make informed health decisions.

Corporate Training Films

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GSK – Video Conferencing Training Film

Our approach combines creativity and strategy to create visually appealing and effective videos that meet your training objectives. Our goal is to provide impactful and memorable content that helps to reinforce the information being taught.

Health Training Films

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Abbot – Health Information Film

With extensive experience in the education sector, Kartoffel Films will ensure that your video meets all objectives and successfully communicates all key information.

A video is invaluable for communicating complex concepts, as it can easily break them down into understandable parts. Regardless of the subject area, video can be an effective tool to ensure understanding and engagement with colleagues, students or supporters.

Our Training Videos.

Over 200 Training Video Projects

Multiple User Groups

Used for Online and Offline Courses

1000s of Views

Are you thinking of making a Training Video?

Training videos have several benefits, including:

Improved learning and retention – Videos provide visual and auditory stimulation, making it easier for learners to understand and retain information.

Convenient and flexible access – Training videos can be accessed anytime, anywhere, making it convenient for learners who have busy schedules.

Cost-effective – Compared to in-person training, creating and distributing training videos is often more cost-effective.

Consistency – Videos provide a consistent message, reducing the chance for misunderstandings and ensuring all learners receive the same information.

Engaging – Training videos can be made interactive and engaging, helping to keep learners’ attention and making the learning experience more enjoyable.

Scalability – Videos can be easily duplicated and distributed to a large number of learners, making it easier to train large groups of people.

Training video production refers to the process of creating videos specifically designed for instructional or educational purposes. These videos are developed to train and educate individuals on a wide range of topics, including workplace procedures, product usage, software tutorials, safety protocols, and more.

Training videos are created with the intention of delivering information effectively and engagingly. They typically include a combination of visuals, audio narration, text overlays, animations, and demonstrations to convey the necessary information in a clear and concise manner. The production process involves several stages, such as pre-production, production, and post-production, to ensure the final video meets the learning objectives.

In pre-production, the planning phase, the training objectives are defined, scripts are written, storyboards or shot lists are created, and any necessary resources or actors are arranged. During production, the video is recorded, which may involve on-location shoots, studio setups, or screen recordings, depending on the content. The post-production stage involves editing the footage, adding graphics or animations, incorporating voiceovers or music, and finalizing the video with appropriate transitions and effects.

Training videos can be distributed through various channels, including online platforms, learning management systems (LMS), corporate intranets, DVDs, or USB drives. These videos provide a convenient and scalable way to deliver consistent training content to a large audience, regardless of geographical location or time constraints. They offer the advantage of being reusable, allowing learners to revisit the material whenever needed.

Overall, training video production aims to enhance learning outcomes by presenting information in a visually appealing and engaging format, making it an effective tool for educational and instructional purposes.

Produce Engaging Training Videos with Our Expert Team

Are you looking to enhance your training programs with engaging video content? Our experienced team specializes in creating impactful training videos tailored to your unique needs. Here’s our simplified process for producing effective training videos:

1. Pre-production: Plan for Success We work closely with you to define the objectives and goals of your training video. Our experts help you plan the content, breaking it down into easily digestible segments. We develop a script or storyboard to ensure a clear and logical flow of information. Our team handles all the logistics, from gathering the necessary resources and equipment to arranging schedules and locations.

2. Production: Bring Your Vision to Life Our professional crew sets up high-quality video recording equipment, including cameras, microphones, and lighting, to capture the best possible footage. We guide the recording process, ensuring we capture the content according to the script or storyboard. We conduct interviews or demonstrations to support your training material, ensuring your message is delivered effectively. Our team takes multiple takes to provide you with options during the editing phase.

3. Post-production: Polish and Refine In the post-production stage, we bring all the elements together to create a compelling training video. Our skilled editors organize and assemble the footage, trimming and arranging clips to create a seamless flow. We add transitions, graphics, and text overlays to enhance the visual appeal and comprehension of the content. Our audio experts ensure optimal sound quality, adjusting levels and incorporating professional voiceovers or music. We review the video with you, making any necessary revisions to align it perfectly with your training objectives.

4. Finalization and Feedback: Delivering Excellence We export the final video in the desired format and resolution, ready for distribution. If desired, we can incorporate branding elements to maintain a consistent visual identity. Before final delivery, we provide you with the opportunity to test the video with a representative sample of your target audience to gather valuable feedback and make any necessary refinements.

At Kartoffel Films we are dedicated to delivering top-notch training videos that engage and educate your audience. Contact us today to discuss your training video needs and let our experts bring your vision to life.

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