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Video Content Strategy that Drives Real Results.

In 9 years we’ve made over 2000 films & animations for dozens of happy clients in 20 countries. We offer a consultative style of work bringing the knowledge and skills of those years of experience to each production.  Our aim is to always provide our clients with the best creative and production for their goals, building partnerships that last.  We have made award-winning content for some of the world’s leading health providers, education institutions, charities, and companies.

At the core of making great video content is a great video content strategy.

Creative Investment in Video Production

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Audience research

This is where we begin by looking at and getting to know our client’s audience.  Their demographics, interests, and habits.  How they consume media and where.  Their likes and dislikes.   We will use this to build a profile or persona which will help focus the strategy and its purpose.

Competitor Analysis

How your organization’s closest competitors are engaging your audience with content is key to finding the content gap.  Every engagement should also be marked off against your organization’s own activities.

Content Gap

The content gap is essentially the opportunity space or sweet spot that exists in the market to target content produced.  An example of this might be an airline that is flying a particular route.  As a part of their analysis, a shortfall of content that might engage their users more in visiting a city or place might be noted.  The production of targeted rich content may increase interest in the location, the route, and thus the airline’s sales of seats on it.

Content Types

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Content Types – Hero – Hub – Hygiene

There are three key ways of making content. You can make it yourself, you can use existing material, or you can guide others.

Content produced can fall into three categories.  There is Hygiene that is more continuous in nature and focused on terms that your users might search, it might contain information that might be useful to them such as Top Tips or FAQ’s.  Hub content is more centered around engagement, it can be more light-hearted or fun and keep your users returning.  Hero content is more focused on product awareness.  Showcasing what is it your organization does or produces.  Together they can work in symphony, increasing your brand awareness, engaging your users, and increasing return.


Quantitative measures include views, shares on social media, time on the video, repeat views, and embeds.  More qualitative data might be sourced from interviews, focus groups or feedback forms.  Qualitative data helps to provide the “why’s” to the metrics in quantitative data.  In a content analysis and strategy, both will add value to defining a great strategy.


Once we have all the needed data, goals, and purpose for a strategy, we can formulate the content strategy.  This will consist of a creative treatment, the types of content to be made, a production schedule and release timeline.


This is the shoots, the writing, animation, the casting, the locations, the “Action on Set” moments. It’s the creative and production magic that we bring to all our work.  The Video Production process consists of Pre-Production, Production and Post Production.

Review and Learn

A good content strategy has data and learning at its core.  Data and metrics will be used to enrich content as we produce any future content.  Adjusting the style, tone, information, and how it’s used.  Content strategy is a long term partnership.  It has the ability to enrich and drive a brand performance online.  Meeting your audience where they consume media, informing, educating, engaging, and making that conversation central to their relationship with the brand.

Our Content Work

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Our Content Work

We have been the Key Video Content Partner of Age UK, the UK’s leading charity for older people for over 7 years.  Producing over 300 pieces of content from Campaigns to Information Provision to Celebrity engagement.

The content produced has generated 100,000’s of views and enriched their online brand.

Video Content Strategy.




Results and Learning

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