Video Post-Production

The post-production stage of a project is where the planning of the pre-production stage and the execution of the video production stage come together. It’s where the magic of the process happens and our clients get to see the fruits of our creative strategy.


  • Video Editing
  • Sound Design
  • Animation
  • Motion Design
  • Video Subtitles
  • Voice Over
  • Remote Feedback
  • Formats and Delivery

Video Editing

During the editing stage of a video production project, the footage that has been shot as a part of the video production stage is joined together in line with the script and the creative brief. The planned shots will match up pretty closely with the script for the project.

Where the content is more narrative or documentary in style, the process may differ slightly. Here, the editor will review all the interview material to generate a content cut. This will provide the narrative for the film. Overlays, cutaways, and even animation might be used to provide the visual elements to the film, which would build the visual story and enrich the spoken narrative.

Our editors at Kartoffel have extensive experience in bringing both narrative-based and stylized, scripted video productions to life in a way that will drive your audience.



Animation is a great choice as a format in video production. It has a number of benefits. It lasts because animation styles tend not to date so much. We have produced animation for our clients, which are still in use and returning to them nearly a decade later.  It’s entirely malleable, as you can stylize it in several ways and can entirely define the spoken content. Animation tends to fall into two overarching styles: character animation, and motion design.

Character animation involves creating bespoke charters designed to better engage with your audience on a more personable level. Motion design can take the form of text or stylized visual elements. This approach might be used for more simple messaging.

The animation process starts with a treatment and style boards, which we will produce. Once these are signed off, we will move to the script, storyboards, and then onto the animation itself, and finally voice-over and sound design. Typically, an animation will take 1 day per 30 seconds to make.


Motion Design and Graphics

In video, motion design and graphics can be used to great effect when conveying a set of key messages. These can be overlaid on a video in a simplified style or the scene can be shot specifically for the motion elements. In the latter approach, we would storyboard and design the elements in advance of the shoot.

The motion element can even be made to play and interact with the video shot. This can look really great and make a video much more effective in its goals.



Video Subtitles

Subtitles or captions are a running written description of what is being said in a film. These can be either burnt into the video or they can be provided in a file format, which will allow them to be turned on or off when a film is playing.

The benefits of subtitles include increasing the accessibility of a film for people with a variety of disabilities, allowing for better engagement when viewed on mobile or social media, and it boosts the SEO of an embedded video, by providing Google with a transcript of the video content.



In a video or animation, a voice-over is where we record a spoken narrative on top of the content. This can take the form of talent recording the voice-over in a sound studio, or it can be one of the lead characters in a film providing the spoken narrative in their own words on set or also recorded in a studio.

Sound Design

Sound design is an overlooked but crucial part of making a great piece of video. Good sound design you would barely notice as it feels so integral to a film. In video or animation, its blips and blops, the sound of footsteps, doors closing or opening, gunshots, cat meows, or even audience laughter.


Formats and Delivery

Once a film is complete, we deliver the produced film to our client. Typically, these days online platforms are the popular choice, so a video host such as YouTube or Wistia is ideal for use on social media. We can provide the content in any required size for online use. If the film is for broadcast, we can also adjust the encoding to match the specifications of the broadcaster.


Remote Feedback

Throughout the entire process of working with us, our clients enjoy the model we have constructed, which allows for a 100% remote engagement. There is no need for our clients to set foot on set and all briefing and feedback can be done also remotely. We use a mix of video conferencing and collaborative tools such as Google WorkSpace to drive this with great success.

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