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The production stage of a video production project is where creativity and strategy come together.  This stage usually consists of a set of shoot days on location. The production stage has a number of components, which we have listed below. Video production has 3 stages: pre-production, production and post-production.


  • Location Shoots
  • Interview Filming
  • Direction on Set
  • Camera Operation
  • Videographer
  • Director of Photography
  • Full-Service Filming Production Services
  • Actors and Presenters
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Sound
  • Photography
  • Studio Shoots
  • Drone Filming

Location Shoots

Location shoots are shoots that occur on set outside of studio space. This might be an office or hospital or house or workspace. A typical production might have one or several locations to shoot. Indeed these might be in several markets. We can handle all the logistics and permissions associated with setting up a location shoot.


Interview Filming

Interviews are often an essential component in video production. They allow a story to be built using real people in real locations. People are inherently driven by human stories and will more easily relate to your organization, its goals, and its culture through such interviews.

Our team of experienced directors and producers are skilled at conducting interviews with people that can bring a cause, story or organization to life and drive real results in your video content strategy.

Direction on Set

The role of a director in video production is to focus all the creative elements together on a shoot day, ensuring the material captured will be seamless for the post-production process and achieve the creative briefs.

Camera Operation

Camera operators are essential in a video production project as they are responsible for the capture of any needed video assets before moving to the production process. We have a full creative team at Kartoffel Films, including award-winning filmmakers.


The pre-production process is where the strategy meets the creative in video production and the execution is planned.  There are several steps in video pre-production which have been outlined below.

Director of Photography

A director of photography (DOP) or also known as a cinematographer will work with the director on a film project to ensure the look and feel of the production is as per the creative brief and to the highest creative standard.


Full Service Filming Production Services

Kartoffel Films are a full-service video or film production company. What that means is that we offer every component of the video production and post-production process as a service end to end.


Actors and Presenters

Talent on a video production project can add production value and focus to a piece of video content. Video talent can be cast using a number of descriptors, including height, race, age and accent.


Sound on Set

Sound recording on set with the highest quality sound equipment is a part of video production. This can be done using a variety of setups in such as a boom mic or Lavalier microphones. Some productions will require a dedicated sound person, such as when shooting in the streets of London where city noises can otherwise slow a shoot down.

Drone Filming

Using drones in video production can add real production value to the project. It gives a great sense of scale and awe to a scene. Shooting with drones in London or any city is perfectly fine with the correct drones, drone operators and permissions. Kartoffel Films can set this up and ensure that the video capture meets the needs of the project.


Studio Shoots

Studio shoots are an excellent choice for several types of production. They allow for a focused working space that is sound and light controlled. This means more creative concepts and volume basked productions that offer an excellent workspace. Beyond that, they allow for complete creative control so that nearly any outcome is possible. Kartoffel Films have run dozens of studio shoots for a variety of purposes with great outcomes.


Photography on Set

Sometimes as a part of video production, a photographer might also be present to capture stills. These are hugely beneficial, particularly if a client wants to maximise the material produced as a part of a shoot. An example of such might be when shooting with a celebrity and additional promotional material is required.


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