Video Pre-Production

The pre-production process is the part of a video and animation project where the strategy meets the creative in video production and the execution is planned. There are several steps in video preproduction, which have been outlined below. The key stages in video production are pre-production, production and video post-production


  • The Briefing
  • Creative Design
  • Creative Development
  • Scripting
  • Moodboards
  • Storyboards
  • Production Schedule
  • Casting Talent
  • Crewing Up
  • Resources, Budgets Permits, Locations
  • Call Sheets

The Briefing

The first stage in any video production project is the brief. This will typically take the form of an initial written brief from the client. We follow on with a call on Zoom or a meeting in person.  The purpose of the initial meeting is to get under the skin of the project and align the project with the strategic needs of the client and the campaign in question. In this conversation, we will also cover things like audience, usage, distribution, and goals of the campaign, ensuring we know what you want your video to achieve.


Creative Design

Creative design in a video and animation project is where we will take the information from the production meeting and design an overarching creative approach for the project.  This might involve also looking at our client’s brand and their associated content strategy if there is one in place.  During this process, we will present to our client a treatment that will help guide the next stages of the video or animation production process.



Scripting is where we craft the spoken word and the overall visual elements of a project. A written script will typically consist of a document with the anticipated visuals and visual direction on one side, and the spoken or text overlays on the other. Video production scripts help both the clients and ourselves visualize the project from end to end.



Moodboards are used to define a visual style to a project.  They can be bespoke made or can be created using example and influencing creativity.  Together with the script, these will help the creatives here at Kartoffel Films define the project design to a more finite level.


Storyboards put together all of the creative design elements. Scene by scene, the project will be set with clear visual and content guidance. Our in-house creatives have experience across a wide spectrum of content and really know how to make scripts and creative sing and drive real results.


Production Schedule

Once all the creative elements of a project have been agreed upon and a great film is set to be made we will produce a video production schedule. The key role of the production schedule is for all the various components in a video project to work in sync. A production schedule will consist of a set of timelines for each of the key elements of the project and sign-off points for our clients. Video production is a complex discipline and great films have great video production management at their core.


Casting Talent

Talent in video production is where actors, such as voice actors, screen extras or presenters, are required as a part of the project. A great presence on screen can really bring a project to life. Actors can be cast on a variety of descriptors from accents, to race, to sex, height, and language.


Resources, Permits, Locations

Video production will often have numerous components that help bring the concept to life. A great location will help set a scene. The right technology will also add production value to a project. This might be as simple as a higher spec camera or specific lens set, or it might require an epic drone shot.  As one of the final steps to a video production, these will be booked and set by our producing team.


Call Sheets

This final step to the pre-production process is the call sheet. Production call sheets will be sent out before the shoot date to all involved on set. It’s kind of a cheat sheet with a schedule on it. It will have all the key production crew, talent, location, contact details, a running order for the day, a shot list, kit list. And a call time.

It helps to keep everybody on track and focused on the day.

Usually, we will start very early in the morning but with just enough time for a coffee to get going.



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