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27.07.2021 Video Marketing
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Sometimes, the most effective video content doesn’t promote your products and services. Sometimes, it’s about driving brand recognition and developing positive associations in people’s minds. And what kind of video content is perfect for this purpose? Branded video content. 

A brand video doesn’t focus on self-promotion and direct advertising methods like traditional commercials. Branded video content aligns with your brand’s core values and identity, making a positive impression on your target audience. They usually motivate viewers to engage with your brand by providing emotional value. 

Aside from your brand’s logo, there’s normally no other marketing directly addressing your business. A straightforward story, showing where your priorities lie, is all you need to move people to invest in your brand. 

We know what’s important to you and your clients. Crafting emotive, memorable brand videos is what we do best. Listed below are some of the branded video content we recommend drawing inspiration from.

1. Bayer Health – Men’s Health Campaign

What’s one way of encouraging the public to talk about taboo health topics? Adding wit and fun to something people are afraid of is an excellent technique to incorporate into a brand video. Our video for the Bayer Health Men’s Health Campaign directly addresses the viewer, making light of a serious medical situation. This eases the pressure off men to start talking about their health, as they’re not alone in their medical concerns. 

Setting this brand video in a football locker room also breaks down traditional masculine tropes of keeping both physical and psychological problems hidden. Harry Redknapp, is at the forefront of this video, giving his team a pep talk about men’s health. This normalisation of men’s health conditions opens up much-needed conversations about men taking their health seriously. It’s all about that positive association, not self-promotion.

2. Dove – Real Beauty Sketches

The beauty industry has had to find new advertising methods, incorporating more inclusive and realistic body image standards. Dove has taken this challenge seriously in their Real Beauty Sketches ad campaign. By hiring a professional forensic artist and a diverse range of women, the viewer could see the significance of natural beauty.

The set-up for this video has a very simple concept. The forensic artist never sees the women entering the room, proceeding to ask them about their appearance. The forensic artist asks the women to describe another participant they were asked to befriend. At the end of the experiment, each candidate sees both sketches of themselves. There is a clear distinction between the two. Whilst the self-description focuses on the flaws, the other woman’s description homes in on her new friend’s natural beauty. This brand video acts as a strong reminder to women that the world isn’t as hard on their looks as they are. Whilst this campaign doesn’t centre on any specific Dove products, Dove’s active promotion of natural beauty shows that their priority is boosting self-confidence, not sales.

3. Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust – Smear 4 Smear Campaign

Featuring the likes of Tamsin Greig, Rachel Riley, Nikki Amuka-Bird and Mandip Gill, these four famous faces explain the preparation and process of a smear test. Although a charity survives on donations, the message for this brand video is clear. Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust wants women to take their health seriously by normalising these routine procedures. The purpose of this video is to show women that they shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed about smear tests. As this brand video is purely informational, the charity makes its stance on women’s health clear. No woman should be made to feel afraid and anxious about a life-saving procedure. 

4. Always – #LikeAGirl

Advertising sanitary items has always sparked controversy and criticism. In 2014, Always’ #LikeAGirl ad campaign highlighted a social issue – how and why teenage girls lose confidence once they hit puberty. 

When the producer asks teenage girls to run, fight and throw like a girl, all of them complete the aforementioned actions weakly and self-consciously. They immediately associate the phrase “like a girl” with a lack of ability, strength and confidence. On the other hand, when the producer asks the same thing from young girls, they put all of their energy into running, throwing and jumping. Once the producer explains to the teenage girls this stark contrast, their confidence surges and they perform to the best of their abilities. 

This branded video content isn’t about selling sanitary products. In this campaign, Always is showing their commitment to empowering young girls and women, inspiring them to overcome these preconceptions of women. Always knows the serious impact such jokes have on women’s self-confidence and effectively sheds light on these barriers to gender equality. 

5. Amnesty International – Write for Rights Campaign

A good brand video doesn’t always need dialogue. Compelling visuals can speak for themselves and indicate what your brand stands for. This is exactly what our brand video for Amnesty International’s Write for Rights campaign achieves. 

This video shows a woman writing words in different languages associated with injustice and violence on a glass screen. As the woman writes, footage of refugees, unlawful arrests, and people in desperate situations come into view, visualising the words on the screen. When the woman writes the word “change”, however, the visuals depict powerful protests and civilians all over the world fighting for their freedoms. The video ends simply with the title of Amnesty International’s campaign.

Although this brand video’s purpose is to promote Amnesty International’s letter-writing initiative, the video mainly focuses on the reasoning why these words and issues still consistently impact the world’s most vulnerable people. Amnesty International’s core values are constantly highlighted – no matter how woeful and hostile a situation becomes, their priority is to protect all people in danger at all costs.  

6. Sainsbury’s – Christmas Adverts 2020

Christmas is a time when brands ramp up their marketing strategies with heartwarming and tear-jerking adverts. Whilst John Lewis is the usual culprit that springs to mind with their creative and original takes on the meaning of the festive season, Sainsbury’s never fails to leave a lasting impression.

In 2020, Sainsbury’s launched three different Christmas adverts. All three adverts featured a phone call between two family members, reminiscing on the joys of Christmas during their childhoods. At an age when Christmas is at its most magical, home videos of these Christmas memories triggered a lot of heartfelt nostalgia, with people remembering their favourite family memories and traditions. Be it a song about gravy, perfect portion sizes or Boxing Day sandwiches, Christmas celebrations in every family has a special and unique twist.

The main purpose of these brand videos was to bring comfort and joy to viewers feeling lonely during the festive season. Unable to meet up with loved ones, relatable video content brought a sense of wistfulness and optimism to viewers all over the country.

 7. Age UK – #SwitchedOff TV Licence Campaign

Since the 1950s, TV has been one of the most popular forms of media consumption and entertainment. For many of us, a TV is the centrepiece of our living rooms, a distraction from daily life, and our main way of understanding the outside world. But for older people, TV serves a bigger purpose.

Our brand video for Age UK’s #SwitchedOff campaign in 2019 highlights the serious impact of taking away free TV licences from over-75s. Alongside Ricky Tomlinson, this video features old people explaining the importance of TV in their lives. TV is a lifeline and a source of comfort for those living alone and away from the outside world. The background noise gives the impression that there is someone else in the house, making them feel less lonely in a world that has forgotten them. TV is more than a source of entertainment; for older people it’s company. 

Unlike most brand videos, this one incorporates a Call to Action – a link to sign a petition. However, Age UK’s core values still align with this video. Older people are at the heart of the organization, and the charity will always challenge proposals negatively impacting their wellbeing.  

8. Nike – Find Your Greatness

Fitness brands are known for their sleek and powerful adverts, emphasising the premium performance people can achieve. From trainers to activity trackers, a whole host of products promise to unlock a level of speed and agility viewers can only dream of reaching. High intensity and energy are crucial components of such adverts. 

In 2012, Nike took a far more stripped-back approach. In their Find Your Greatness advert, all we see is an overweight teenage boy jogging down a country road towards us. The accompanying voiceover talks about the greatness in all of us. Instead of focusing on the runner, the viewer concentrates on the message of the voiceover. We don’t have to be superstars and athletes to be considered great – greatness can be found at whatever level we choose to perform. 

This advert isn’t just a reminder of the possible achievements we can accomplish. Fitness brand commercials are famous for using thin people, traditionally seen as the height of health. But Nike’s brand video stresses the importance of including everyone’s fitness goals. Anyone can achieve greatness with the right mindset.  

9. Virgin Media – Faster Brings Us Closer

Ever since its foundation, the virtual world has radically transformed the dating scene. From apps to sites, people have found new ways to meet others, communicate and develop long-lasting relationships. Virgin Media’s Faster Brings Us Closer advert has clocked this – but in the form of online gaming.

In this brand video, we see two young adults – one of whom is a wheelchair user – gradually establish a connection through a video game. As they progress through the levels together and talk to each other through headsets, this new relationship begins to take over their thoughts. The brand video ends with the first video call between the two, as they first set eyes on the person behind the avatar. 

This brand video doesn’t just focus on a very modern way of meeting new people. Including a wheelchair user shows Virgin Media’s commitment to supporting disabled people and normalising their lives. Even though a wheelchair inhibits his movements in an inaccessible world, fast broadband can help him connect with others and develop close relationships. 

10. Macmillan Cancer Support – Body Image

Cancer can leave you feeling lost or imprisoned within yourself. You have no control over your body, and it’s more difficult to rediscover body confidence. Our Body Image brand video for Macmillan Cancer Support combined the perspectives of four cancer survivors and how they overcame their respective body image issues after treatment.

These four stories tell the experiences of the long process of treatment and recovery. Even though cancer has gone, it takes time to get used to the physical changes your body has sustained. Loneliness, confusion and anger are still prevalent even when the hardest times are over. There’s still more to beating cancer even after a series of successful surgeries.

This brand video puts all four participants’ stories at the centre. This video makes the viewer think of the ramifications all aspects of cancer treatment have on an individual. Whilst the charity is never mentioned in the video, Macmillan Cancer Support’s mission to help cancer patients at every stage of their journey consistently shines through. 

Final Thoughts

The unique component of every brand video is that they all tell a compelling story. Whether it’s a continuous journey to success or reminiscing on happier days, a brand video looks at how a brand’s core values align with something optimistic and inspirational. A brand video is about eliciting an emotional response rather than a direct advert promoting a particular product. 

We can make video work for you, not the other way around. With over 2000 videos, both animated and live-action, we can sort all of the logistics associated with your brand video, meaning no hassle or stress on your part. Still interested? Give us a call to get our creative partnership started.

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